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When we decorate our homes, we always make them look great, but often we forget to think about how they will smell. Our sense of smell is much more connected with memory than our other senses. That's why the scent of perfume can take us straight back to our grandma's house, or the smell of a restaurant, to a sunny vacation you'll never forget.

The smell is a compelling sense indeed. That's why most of us do little more than put a scented candle or two on our shelves to help keep our homes smelling good.

The fragrance is very personal, so you need to visit the stores and find out which ingredients in candle and room fragrances appeal to you.

Some scents have proven to work well in certain rooms, such as calming lavender in the bedroom and citrus in the bathroom; but it's all about personal taste. Once you have determined the character of your favorite scents, use your sticky air fresheners, candles, and air fresheners by combining and grouping them. This way, you can get a stronger flavor.

Unpleasant odors, whether it's dirty dishes or an overfilled bin, are unfortunately a fact of life in your home. Food odors can remain in the house even after you have finished cooking and eating. The worst thing you can do is try to mask these odors with artificial fragrances. Instead, remove the offensive odor as quickly as possible. That means doing the dishes and emptying the bin. Then leave your windows open for at least ten minutes to ventilate the room. If you have a pet, wash its bedding every few weeks.

We may not be able to smell the bad smell of our own home, so wash seats and cushion covers and covers regularly. You can also wash the curtains a few times a year or send them to dry cleaning.

Finally, plants not only look great, but they also help clean the air. Fresh flowers can add an uplifting floral scent to your home, so don't include them in your home.

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