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Do not throw away the tea bags. Used tea bags work even after you have enjoyed tea. Cleaning is the best. Want to recycle used tea bags? If your answer is yes, you can try these quick and practical suggestions.

- Tea bags can be used to clean dishes covered in tough grease. Put your dishes in the sink you filled with water and throw away a few used tea bags. Tea has a degreasing effect but also softens dried food residues. Place a tea bag on the tough-stained pan or plate and add hot water. Wait until morning and clean the stains easily.

- Soak used tea bags in cold water if your plants have fungus-like growths. Then water your plants with the tea water you have obtained. In this way, you can also strengthen weak plants. When you water your plants at home with the cold tea left after brewing, or when you place the tea herbs in the soil, the nitrogen in the tea will make your flowers look more alive and beautiful. Brewed tea leaves or bags help the manure to decompose. So make sure your tea waste goes into the compost mix rather than the trash.

- Do not throw away the tea bags. These include those other than black tea. You can prevent bad odors from garlic, fish, and onions by using bags of refreshing teas such as sage, mint tea, and green tea. After eating fish, wipe your hands with these tea bags and the smell will disappear. The store used tea bags in the refrigerator to get rid of unwanted odors. Used and dried tea bags help eliminate bad odors from your cat litter box or litter box.

- Re-brew the used tea bag and spray the tea water on your windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. Wipe it with a clean, lint-free cloth and you will see all the stains have been removed. Tea contains fat-breaking compounds. Moreover, it is much healthier and cheaper than glass cleaners containing many chemical compounds!

You can also make your own with filter bags. Not just for tea or tea mixes, They are also great for spice and herb mixes for cooking and brewing.


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