Making Christmas Decorations at Home (Christmas Tree)

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Are you ready for the new year? Do not forget to forget all the bad days you had this year and turn a new page in the new year. According to the legend, how do you enter a new year; You continue with the same energy all year. Then how about celebrating a new year in the most fun and attentive way?

You can carry the New Year spirit to your favorite corners by making small touches in your home. Christmas decoration, which has become a common habit, will be prepared in the easiest and most practical way for those who read this article.

Our fifth decoration; Christmas Tree


  1. 8 different size tree branches
  2. Glue
  3. Straw rope
  4. Large and small Christmas decorations or photo cards
  5. led lights


If you want to create handmade decor that will decorate your wall at home and symbolize the excitement of the New Year; You can try this suggestion. It is recommended to find 8 different sizes of tree branches. We will sort the tree branches that you will cut in 8 different sizes in the form of a pine tree soon.

It is recommended to work in a large area to prepare this ornament. First of all, cut 2 separate wicker ropes. The length of these ropes should be as long as possible. Arrange the tree branches cut in 8 different sizes from the bottom up, starting from the largest to the smallest. Now tie the straw rope from both ends of the branches by making a knot.

When you start with the longest branch, you can go up and tie the smallest branch with straw rope. When the knotting process is finished, a pine tree-like decor will be formed as in the image. You can tie the straw ropes together at the top and create a hanging apparatus. You can stick any small decorations you want on each corner of this practical ornament, which resembles a triangle when you look from a distance.

You can create a bright image by circulating the led light through the branches, which we recommend to give you an idea. If you wish, you can stick a photo on each branch of the decor tree. If it will be presented in front of a large family, you can either stick a special envelope or a note for everyone.

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