Making Christmas Decorations at Home (Snowman)

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Christmas decoration toy white snowman made of cotton wool with a blue scarf, on the shelf in the store.Photo bypereslavtseva freepik

Are you ready for the new year? Do not forget to forget all the bad days you had this year and turn a new page in the new year. According to the legend, how do you enter a new year; You continue with the same energy all year. Then how about celebrating a new year in the most fun and attentive way?

You can carry the New Year spirit to your favorite corners by making small touches in your home. Christmas decoration, which has become a common habit, will be prepared in the easiest and most practical way for those who read this article.

In order not to spend extra on expensive New Year decorations; You can improve yourself in making Christmas decorations. The information and materials required for this are gathered in this list. Since Christmas decorations are easy to make, you can get together with your loved ones at home and prepare the decorations in a few minutes.

Making Christmas decorations prepared with excitement consists of simple steps. For those who say how to make Christmas decorations at home, we will introduce the most popular ornaments with photos. You should definitely check out this article for the cutest Christmas decorations that you can use on the table, door, and wall.

Here, are the Christmas decorations in their handmade form, in the most practical way, at your home!

Our first decoration; a Snowman


  • Scissors
  • Color button
  • White socks
  • Glue
  • patterned fabric
  • Cotton
  • Tire


A snowman is a must-have for Christmas decorations do-it-yourself projects. With its body reminiscent of white snow and its carrot nose, it gives joy to those who see it. It is the symbol of the winter season, especially the new year.

To make a snowman ornament at home, cut the white sock crosswise into two separate pieces. Thinking like a sack, stuff cotton into the cut sock. Create thin lines from the tires and round the head to denote the snowman's head and torso. By using these elastics, you can tighten both the hat and the body of the snowman to make it more prominent. At this stage, two different round solid parts will be formed in the same body, one big and the other small. Since the small one will be a cotton ball head, you can stick small colored buttons as eyes.

To create a scarf for the snowman from patterned fabric, cut it into thin strips and pass the scarf over the head area.

According to the size of the snowman's body, you can finish the Christmas ornament you make at home by sewing the buttons one after the other.

If you are looking for a sincere gift to present to your loved ones as you enter the new year; You should definitely add these snowmen to the gift box.

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