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Although it is popularly known around the world, there is still a lot of misconception about yoga and yoga practitioners.

So, below, I've listed some things yogis want you to know about yoga.

1. You Don't Have to Touch Your Toes!

Yoga offers much more and something different than a flexible workout. You don't need to feel flexibility elsewhere than in your mind.

2. Yoga Is Not a Voodoo Religion!

Yoga is not a religion. It is more about showing the path to enlightenment than defending any religion or god. Yoga is embarking on a multi-faceted path to find peace within.

3. Yoga Is Totally Optional

If it doesn't make you feel good, you don't have to make some of the noises and timbres associated with yoga. You don't have to do hand mudras and focus on your chakras.

Yoga is all about yourself. So all you have to do is stay honest with yourself.

4. You Don't Have to Be a Vegetarian!

Although yoga is a lifestyle and a choice, most of the people who practice yoga have chosen to become vegetarians, but again, this is a choice. Every person is different and every person can pursue their ideology in different ways. Being vegetarian, being flexible, or any other option does not prevent you from doing yoga.

5. Yoga Isn't Always Done In A 'Hot' Environment.

Bikram is a type of yoga and you may feel some pressure and heat in this type of yoga, but this is just one of thousands of yoga types. If you like hot, 'Bikram' is for you. If you're not into heat then you have a lot more options.

6. Yoga is so much more than 'stretching'!

As it is known, there are many different schools, styles and forms of yoga. Some of these forms require a lot of strength. Others have a more relaxing and slow progression. Some of them are entirely meditative.

When you stretch and get stronger while doing yoga, your perspective should go far beyond stretching and strengthening your muscles.

7. No Need to Be Energetic

As I said, yoga practitioners are definitely energetic, strong and do not need to sweat while training. You can choose one or more styles that suit you. Making a choice that will bring peace to your inner self is much more important than being energetic and strong.

8. You Don't Have to Have a Gorgeous Body!

First of all, there is no 'magnificent body'. Secondly, yoga is for all bodies, for each body! Your work has absolutely nothing to do with your body. How you see your body is enough for you to do yoga.

9. Don't Invest All Your Savings on Tights While Doing Yoga!

Yes, there are very nice tights and yes they are very expensive, but you don't need to wear a 300 lira tights to be a yogi. Or you don't have to pour a bag of money for a mat you don't have to be on. Pay more attention to your work than outerwear and thus get a lot more.

10. Don't be ashamed to use support

The props are the most powerful tools in the classrooms. These supports are for you to use in the classroom, not to be embarrassed when using. These supports can be your best friend in your differentiation and path that will lead you to become a yogi.

11. Yoga is a Great Tool for 'Change'.

When you start practicing believing in your potential, you will find that yoga is a great tool for change.

12. You Don't Have to Achieve Hands-On.

Yes, hands-on poses are great fun, but not necessary. Are you afraid of standing upside down? Don't go! Or face your fear within a given time. This is entirely up to you.

Don't have the balance to stand on your hand? Keep trying patiently. Yoga is a journey, there is no end to reach.

13. It Benefits Much More Than Building Muscle.

Let's face it: People train to maintain their health and improve their bodies. Many people who practice yoga also choose this path to achieve their goals, and there is no harm in doing it. But if you're coming to yoga just to build muscle, you'll get a lot more than that, believe me and try it!

14. “Let Flow” is a Cliché!

We all know that a yoga instructor tells his students to "let it go, relax". This is a cliché. This is just the beginning, it will be replaced by inner peace in the future.

15. We Are No More Enlightened Than You!

Yoga advises us to control our breath, reach our thoughts, and let go of anything that does not benefit us (physically and spiritually). Practicing yoga does not guarantee enlightenment, but it will put you on this path to inner peace and acceptance (I hope)

There is no concept that accepts yogis better than anyone else. Yoga teaches us that everyone is one and the same person, even if they are very different people. Yogis are not more enlightened people.

We are just trying to make sense of this life like you.

16. Yoga Is An Introverted Workout!

The more things change physically while doing yoga, the more it changes within us.

17. Yoga is Lifelong Learning!

Yoga has no end. Eventually, you'll be overjoyed and suddenly enlightened, and there's no such thing as it's going to end.

Even when you stand on one hand, this journey will not end, I'm sorry. Yoga is work, and it is to keep working, to develop and to evolve.

18. It's All About Breathing!

Physical movement yoga involves a lot of pressure and information, but the main work is to establish the connection between your breath and your body. This connection will also connect our body and soul.

19. Existence is key!

If you are not yourself on the mat, yoga is meaningless. If you concentrate only on physical movements, you will lose all the benefits of yoga.

If you are not included in life, you are not included in yoga. If you do not reflect the yoga time on the mat to your real life, it means you are leaving all the teachings on the mat.

Existence is everything!

Reference: Leah Sugerman

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