Why Do We Say Namaste?

Dicle Belul

Have you ever thought about why you say namaste at the end of yoga classes? Or what are you actually saying or why are you saying it? Many rituals are attached to yoga, which adds spirituality to my work and thus distinguishes itself from other exercises.

I like to end the yoga class by saying 'Namaste'. This is a bit like the feeling we get when we say 'Amen' after praying. This word wraps us in deep respect wherever we are (in the yoga studio, in the gym, or even at home). Saying 'Namaste' makes me feel complete for the moment and creates a bridge to the life path I will live that day. Saying this word at the end of every yoga class connects me both to myself and to a better world.

What Are We Actually Saying?

We can analyze the word Namaste in three parts. Nama means 'Greeting', as means 'I' and te means you. That means I respectfully greet you. This greeting gesture is one of the most important greetings in India. In saying this, we often lean forward with our hands clasped on the pectoral chakra or the third eye. The reason we join our hands above the heart chakra is to increase divine love. Bowing the head and closing the eyes helps the mind to serve the divine love within the heart. Although sung at the end of the yoga class, 'Namaste' can also be sung at the beginning of the yoga class. This is an expression of the deepest respect.

What Does Namaste Mean for You?

Namaste is about giving a good message to the universe as well as feeling good for the moment, putting an end to the harm of living things in the world, and feeling that everyone is on good terms with each other, for example. Although the word namaste is perceived as the student's respect for the teacher, it also indicates the teacher's respect for the student and the energy bond between the two.

I in My Heart Greets You in My Heart

Although Namaste says that the yoga class is over, in this sense of the word, the philosophy of yoga is taking shape. Namaste is to show the respect and honor we feel for ourselves and the world we live in. This moment is the moment that takes us beyond our own world, our culture, and even the language we speak, connecting our body and mind and allowing us to see ourselves and the world more deeply.


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