Clearing the Mind and Savasana

Dicle Belul

Has it ever happened to you too? As the yoga session draws to a close, everything slows down and you slowly lie down on the mat and wait for Savasana, but our mindsets in motion all the stress and anxiety we need to let go of when we walk through the door. Sometimes when we want to slow down, our mind acts more brutally than in a stressful situation and does not allow us to rest. This makes it difficult for us to relax and follow the yoga instructor's guidance. So how do we relax in Savanasa?

I'll give you a few tips to keep your Savasana out of control. I hope you too can clear your mind in your own Savasana by using these tips.

1. Use an Eye Patch

It definitely helps. Gentle pressure on the top of your eye will help you relax and close your eyelids. In a darker environment, your nervous system slows down because when there is no light there will be less swirling in your mind.

2. Close Your Ears to the Outside World.

Because we will never achieve deafening silence, we need to learn not to hear outside noises. If you have just started yoga and you have little practice, you can also use the equipment for your ears, such as an eye patch. However, over time, it is necessary to learn to be free from the 5 senses without the need for equipment, and this is only possible with more practice.

3. Focus on the Experience in Your Body.

Try to relax by focusing your mind from the toes to the top of your head. First, relax your foot area and then apply the same relaxation section by section to the whole body.

When you reach the top of your body, think of your whole body as a piece of dress and let this dress come off your body and fall on the floor.

4. Notice Your Breath.

Breathing is the best way to relax and streamline the mind. Scientific research has shown that the movement of internal organs with diaphragmatic breathing allows these organs to relax. For this reason, you should take your breath in and out a little longer than your normal breath. Do this for 3-5 repetitions. Then do 3-5 more sets, increasing this length for another 1-2 seconds.

5. Imagine a Cloudy Blue Sky

Our goal in Savasana is to move away from the body and expand our awareness. Let the clouds represent your thoughts and the sky your mind. Try to see parts of the sky through the clouds and imagine that the clouds move aside and a clear blue sky emerges. As you unwind and relax, the sky will begin to appear clearer and bluer.

6. Treat Yourself Kindly

First of all, your mind may be too crowded or busy. As you try to quiet your mind, first notice the problems that come up, then silence them. Because constantly thinking and tiring the mind will not find a solution to your problem, on the contrary, it will cause more problems and have negative effects on your current work.

Creating a space of love and silence for yourself will both clear your mind and change your perspective on things. It will allow you to live the moment you are in.

The important thing is not to believe all your thoughts, but to be able to follow them without adding comments.

With regular yoga sessions, Savasana will be easier and more relaxing, just like any other pose.

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