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Yogis are well aware of the movements that are done with the logic of opening your heart in their sessions, but did you know that you can protect your heart longer with regular yoga sessions?

Let's see how to make your heart stronger with yoga in five items;

1) Do you like the feeling you feel after the 1st session? This is when your stress melts away.

Stress has been proven to trigger certain behaviors that increase the risk of a crisis: high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, smoking, inactivity, and obesity.

Chronic stress can also cause some people to drink too much alcohol, which can raise your blood pressure and damage your arteries. Regular yoga sessions on the other side; It calms you down, reducing your tendency to caffeine, sugar, high-calorie foods, and alcohol.

If we want to express it in another way by acting with our breath, we can create a dynamic that calms our nerves and relieves stress from our body with the breaths we take with our wide steps and the breaths we take with our soft steps.

To relax, lay a blanket or towel on the floor under your knees and stretch back first, then come forward and close your forehead towards the yoga block or object.

2. A Useful Study

Having a normal body mass index will give you a healthier heart. In addition, regular physical activities will help you to be at a healthier weight.

Practicing yoga is the exercise in which you best resist your own body on the entire planet. So yoga is an activity that you can easily participate in and gain good strength with your own weight and turn into a weight-burning machine.

A plank pose will help you with this. With the plank pose, not only your abdominal muscles but your whole body will start to get stronger.

3. Goodbye to Belly Fat

Abdominal fat seems to be one of the reasons that increase the risk of a heart attack. Strengthening major muscle groups in the body can create resistance against it. With yoga, your body will burn more calories and as a result, the fat in your waist area will decrease.

If you can stay in the Warrior 2 pose for a while longer, you can empty your mind, which is the primary condition for building these muscles.

4. Opening your heart

What does 'open your heart' really mean? Asanas help you get your body in shape competitively. Also, yoga is a test of what you learn while on the mat and how you practice it after getting off the mat.

When you become more conscious of your body, your breath, and your speech, your awareness level will increase in your view of the world. Contrary to popular belief, Ukatasana, or chair pose, can be said to be the most 'heart-opening' asana pose.

Stand straight with your feet together, bend your knees, and sit back as if sitting in a chair. Extend your arms above your head. Be sure to pull your stomach in and up to protect your spine and lower back.

5. Changing your diet

It is important for your heart health to combine a healthy diet with yoga exercises.

When you connect to your body, breath, and perspectives while on the mat, you can make this connection stronger when you get off the mat.

A yoga session in the morning after a tough and calorie-dense night will cause you to say "I wasn't going to eat that dessert yesterday" later in the day.


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