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Plymouth Store Helps You Surprise Your Friends With Hilarious Candy Pranks

Dianna Carney

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(PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS) With April 1st only days away, the official prankster holiday is on everybody's minds! That’s right- April Fools Day is right around the corner, and a local candy store on the South Shore has shared some hilarious and delicious pranks!

The Plimouth Candy Company is located in Downtown Plymouth, almost right across from the Mayflower II and the Plymouth Rock. The company opened in 1992, so this isn’t their first April Fools Day- and it shows! On Wednesday, March 29th, Plimouth Candy Company shared on social media a few funny items they have in stock that will definitely be a gag perfect for someone out there!

  • Gummy "dentures/teeth": These are perfect for anyone who could use a good laugh! The gummy candies are shaped like dentures or teeth, making them a hilarious prank to play on a friend or family member. Just imagine their face when they open the package and see what they've been gifted!
  • Gummy "giant fried eggs": These gummy candies are shaped like giant fried eggs, complete with a yellow yolk and white outer layer. They look so realistic, your friends and family won't believe they're actually candy! Serve them up as a breakfast surprise and watch the reactions roll in.

  • Chocolate-covered raisins "shark poop": These chocolate-covered raisins are the perfect prank for anyone who loves the ocean or has a fear of sharks. The packaging is labeled "shark poop," so your friends and family will be in for a surprise when they open it up and see the delicious chocolate-covered raisins inside!
  • Chocolate-covered almonds "seagull poop": These chocolate-covered almonds are another hilarious prank for anyone who loves the beach. The packaging is labeled "seagull poop," so your friends and family will be shocked when they see what's inside! Just make sure they know it's safe to eat before they toss it in the trash!

The beloved candy store also shared some helpful information with visitors, stating: “Coincidentally, April 1st is also the official start of the season on the Plymouth Waterfront—meaning that the parking meters will be turned back on! (This is not a joke!)”

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