Update on Tiny Baby Squirrels Found Inside Car Engine

Dianna Carney

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On Saturday, March 25th, the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue updated the public via a social media post on the condition of the three orphaned baby squirrels who had been found inside the engine of a car- that was being driven around!

The baby squirrels were found inside of a car engine- after it was driven around!Photo byAndrea Piacquadio

How Were The Baby Squirrels Found?

The squirrels were found by a man who was driving around when he heard the crying of something in his engine. He brought it to the dealership, and the mechanics pulled out three baby gray squirrels!

The owner of the car revealed that he drives his car every day, so the squirrel mother must have just moved the babies in. Newhouse Wildlife Rescue explained that “sometimes moms will move babies to a new nest when their first nest in threatened.”

What Will Happen To The Baby Squirrels?

The small squirrels are being taken care of by the Massachusetts wildlife sanctuary, Newhouse Wildlife Rescue. The rescue also revealed that these baby squirrels are the first orphans of this season.

"Unfortunately, there was no way to know exactly where the car was when mama moved her babies into the engine so reuniting wasn’t an option. Though we are saddened that they have been separated from her, we are thankful that this gentleman noticed them in his engine before they could get hurt.” - Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

The three furry squirrel siblings have captured the attention and adoration of the public! The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue's two Facebook posts about them have received over 6,000 reactions and 200 comments combined.

A top fan of the animal rescue expressed gratitude, stating: "It's so sad for the mama, but thank you for keeping her babies safe! Squirrels are so precious!!" Another commenter shared their experience after finding themselves in a similar situation: "This happened to my wife's car last summer. I found 4 babies in her bumper. I put them in a box and placed the box in a tree. The next day, they were gone. I've always wanted to adopt a baby squirrel.”

What Should You Do If You Find Young Wildlife?

Encountering wildlife is extremely common in Massachusetts, whether you're going for a walk in your neighborhood or hiking through a local state forest. During the spring, young wildlife is out and about. You may be wondering what to do if you come across a wild youngling yourself. Here is some advice from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife:

"If you want to avoid the problems related to people caring for wildlife, leave them alone! It may be very tempting to help these animals, but most of the time it isn't necessary. The adults are often nearby for protection, and visit their young from time to time. In the rare case you find a young animal with visible injuries or with its dead mother, you can contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for assistance. Find a list of wildlife rehabilitators here."

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