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Just Announced: SNAP & HIP Food Boxes Delivered To Your Door By Local Farm-to-Table Grocery Store

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Check out this local farm-to-table grocery store!Photo by(Holmestead Harvest)

(EAST BRIDGEWATER, MASSACHUSETTS) Holmestead Harvest announced the exciting news that they are expanding their SNAP & HIP food box service to now offer delivery!

The local farm-to-table grocery store was able to begin offering the delivery service less than a month after they joined the Massachusetts Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) and began accepting HIP benefits on January 1st. The HIP program benefits families and individuals receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, which is 13% of Massachusetts residents, with more than 53% of SNAP participants in families with children.

What is Holmestead Harvest?

Holmestead Harvest is a farm-to-table grocery store that bridges the gap between locally grown food and the community. Lizz Wilson, the owner of Holmestead Harvest, explains that she first "opened the farm store with just a small table and beverage cooler in the center of the horse barn, full of local produce and meats." Lizz continues, describing how she'd "work there daily with my baby strapped to my chest, just sliding in local farms’ DMs asking how to wholesale."

Holmestead Harvest in East BridgewaterPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

"When the pandemic hit, I was panicking (as many small business owners were). My business, Pony Town Parties, was fully reliant on large gatherings and community events, but the world was in quarantine, and gatherings were banned. I didn’t know how we were going to keep the ship afloat. One evening, after rocking my son to sleep, I emerged from his bedroom and told my partner, "I’m going to open a grocery store." The idea seemed crazy, but I’d seen the increased support for local businesses that evolved during the pandemic. Our community needed something to provide the community with easy access to local foods, in a time when people were scared to go into crowded grocery stores." - About Holmestead Harvest
Lizz Wilson of Holmestead HarvestPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

Two years later, and Holmestead Harvest has grown its grocery subscription service "to over 100 families." Lizz has also "started crafting charcuterie boards and holiday meal kits with local cheeses and accompaniments."

Mixed Grocery Box by Holmestead HarvestPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

How Can You Sign Up For Delivery?

Holmestead Harvest explains that they "believe in equal access to quality local foods for all, including those without transportation. That's why we're now delivering SNAP and HIP eligible boxes to your door on Tuesdays!"

HIP/SNAP Produce Box by Holmestead HarvestPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

The small store with a large selection is located in East Bridgewater and has "expanded their delivery routes" recently. If you live in the area and are interested in signing up for delivery, you have the option of three types of box types, "meat boxes, chicken boxes, produce boxes and mixed grocery boxes (available GF, Vegan or Vegetarian)." Holmestead Harvest's website allows you to place your order and sign-up for delivery.

Charcuterie Snack Cones by Holmestead HarvestPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

What is HIP?

Holmestead Harvest explained in their recent Facebook post how the HIP reimbursement program works. "Each family receiving SNAP/EBT automatically is enrolled in the HIP reimbursement program. HIP can be used to purchase fresh, frozen or dried produce without impacting your SNAP balance! (Yes, that's right-it a benefit that doesn't impact your EBT balance at all!) The HIP amount is $40-$80 per month (depending on household size)."

"Although HIP doesn't use any of your SNAP balance, it works as an automated reimbursement. This means there MUST be a snap balance available to apply the reimbursement credits against. Meaning, USE YOUR HIP FIRST!" - Holmestead Harvest
Prepared Meal by Holmestead HarvestPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

When are HIP Benefits Added to Your Card?

"Regardless of what day you receive your food stamp balance, HIP balances are renewed on the 1st of each month," explains Holmestead Harvest, "Using your HIP at a small retailer, like us, has the ability to greatly increase our daily food sales at no cost to you! It is an AMAZING program to encourage access for low-moderate income individuals to the freshest, local foods."

"We are one of the only local farms accepting HIP that is local to the area and open YEAR ROUND! Help us, help you and GO LOCAL!" - Holmestead Harvest

Valentine's Day Cheesecake by Holmestead HarvestPhoto by(Holmestead Harvest)

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