Setting Successful Goals To Help Your Small Business Thrive


Starting a business is kinda like going on a road trip- you wouldn’t pack your entire car up and stuff your family of four into at 5 am just to then figure out, wait- are we going to the airport or the waterpark today?

Whether it’s the start of a road trip or the start of your business- lacking direction can leave you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and lost.

What's Your Goal?

Setting a goal- giving yourself a clear direction, that’s how you know what to do along the way. This is how you stay intentional with your actions, ensuring you don’t waste time on meaningless projects. There are two key things to remember when setting a goal.

Don’t Make It Money Related

You don’t want to set a goal that's money-related because you’re not giving yourself a direction to start heading in.

A goal of making five thousand dollars your first month of being open sounds amazing- but it doesn’t give you an inkling of how you’ll do it. By changing your goal to a tangible objective such as listing a hundred products within a month, you are setting yourself up for success.

Make Sure It Excites You

Your goal should spark joy in you. Listing 100 items may not sound thrilling, but that spark of excitement you get knowing you’ll have to do quite a lot of thrifting in order to fulfill that goal? That’s the joy you want to hold onto when times get rough.

You’re not always going to feel that same level of excitement you have the day you decide to start your business- you’ll have days you don’t want to even open your laptop, never mind begin working towards that big goal you set. This is why it’s so important to begin preparing for those days now, setting yourself up for future success.

Little Steps Make Big Goals Possible

What steps have to be taken to accomplish your goal? Be creative with this- there isn’t only one path to reach your goal- but there is a way that makes you happier.

By breaking a large goal down into smaller sub-goals, you’re giving yourself the exact steps you need to take in order to accomplish it.

The smaller the goal the better- don’t just set a goal of “go thrifting” , break it down into multiple smaller steps such as schedule a babysitter, get gas, budget for the business, then go thrifting. We so often forget how many smaller actions are involved when we set out to accomplish a goal!

Then you’re going to schedule the exact day and time each one of those steps will be taken. Holding yourself accountable is essential to your success. Hang this schedule up and tell a friend or family member your intentions to follow it.

By setting a goal and scheduling the exact actions needed to be taken to reach it, you’ve now given yourself a roadmap to success. The next time you are feeling lost you'll know not just where you're heading, but how to get there

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