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This Is the Best Pizza Restaurant in Connecticut and Nr. 3 in the US, and Canada, According to Yelp Reviews

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According to Yelp reviews, Zeneli, located in New Haven, Connecticut is one of the best pizza restaurants in the US and Canada. On Yelp’s top pizza spots in the U.S. and Canada, Zeneli is number 3.

A long time ago, in an Albanian coastal area, a happy family lived off the riches of a vast land steeped in traditions.

The story begins in the distant ’90s when Four Brothers united by the same culinary passion and adventurous spirit, left their origins and traveled to distant lands. Their first destination could not have been more romantic and rich in culture, a city of a thousand colors, Naples. -

Each brother became an expert in one field after dividing the duties to make their dreams come true.

Aleko is a people person with business talents. Jetmir managed the family lands and cattle in order to provide milk for Jeshar, who was taught the techniques of making Mozzarella di Bufala by an ancient local cheesemaker. Gazmir, the great pizzaiolo, learned at an early age how to turn dough into a great pizza.

They created Zeneli, a traditional pizzeria, and Cucina Napoletana.

Their true passion led them to Wooster Street in New Haven, where the menu of a trattoria, affordable prices, great ingredients, and characteristic appetizing dishes will lure people to visit time and time again.
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138 Wooster St New Haven, CT 06511


This trattoria-style restaurant is embracing old-world Italian cuisine, bringing it all the way from Naples to New Haven.

There is something for everyone at Zeneli's with a true Italian menu with favorites like "Margherita Pizza" and the more creative "Le Pizze Bianche," or white pizza.
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