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The Recreational Area in San Francisco that Used to be and Army Airfield

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Crissy Field is a public recreation area located immediately east of the Golden Gate Bridge on the northern side of the San Francisco Peninsula in California, United States. It features restored beaches and tidal marshes.

Former US Army airfield Crissy Field is currently a component of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Prior to 1974, Crissy Field was an airstrip that was a part of San Francisco's Presidio.

The location was damaged by the disposal of toxic chemicals while under Army administration. After taking administration of the region in 1994, the National Park Service worked with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to repair it up until 2001, when the Crissy Field Center opened to the public.

While the majority of the buildings have been kept exactly as they were in the 1920s, others have been transformed into homes, shops, and offices.
Crissy FieldPhoto byCrissy Field/Wikipedia

Crissy Field - a former United States Army airfield

During the Spanish, Mexican, and American Army eras, this area served as an anchorage for ships supplying the Presidio soldiers. On these lowlands, the US Army constructed stables, stores, and garbage dumps.

In the western end of Crissy Field, the US Lifesaving Service (Coast Guard) Station first opened its doors in the 1870s. To make the region better suited for military operations, the army has always wanted to fill the tidal sloughs.

The Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915, when the city filled the marsh for the army, was a lucky break that brought about the chance.

State and international pavilions were located in this region during the Exhibition on the eastern side. A racetrack and animal exhibition areas were located on the west end.

The land around Crissy Field was covered with barracks for 6,000 soldiers undergoing training at the Presidio when the fair ended and World War I started. Where the old racetrack formerly stood, work on the airfield started in 1919 after the war.

Temporary barracks were once more constructed around Crissy Field during World War II and remained there until the Army turned over control of the Presidio to the National Park Service in 1994. At that point, the region deteriorated and had an industrial vibe.

Restoration of Crissy Field

Now, the restored Crissy Field is a gorgeous area to bike or walk on a level, hard-packed promenade with spectacular views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Between Marina Green and Fort Point, Crissy Field is home to lovely and popular trail winds.

 Crissy Field has beautiful beaches, tidal marsh views, and world-class windsurfing and barbecue area. 


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