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The Oldest Bridge in South Carolina that Is Considered To Be "Haunted"

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The Poinsett Bridge is the oldest span in South Carolina and perhaps in the entire Southeast.

It was constructed in 1820 as a portion of a road from Columbia, South Carolina, to Saluda Mountain and was named after Joel Roberts Poinsett.

The Washington Monument's architect, Robert Mills, may have designed the stone bridge, which crosses Little Gap Creek for 130 feet and features a 14-foot Gothic arch.

The 120-acre Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve includes the bridge, which is no longer in operation but is largely intact.

A nature trail is located a few hundred yards from the bridge.

In 1970, the bridge was included in the list of the National Register of Historic Places.

The bridge is situated off U.S. Highway 25 north of Greenville, South Carolina, and has been the subject of many ghost stories throughout the years.

The bridge is said to be haunted. The Irish masons, Denny and Danny, were so satisfied with the job that they returned at night to haunt the bridge, according to a newspaper article from 1955. Another rumor claimed that a guy who died while the bridge was being built was buried in the abutments (Batson, 1955).

Bridges in South Carolina

There are 9,395 bridges in South Carolina. 499, or 5.3 percent, are classified as structurally deficient. 499 out of them, or 5.3%, are rated as structurally deficient. This indicates that one of the critical elements is in bad or worse condition.

The number decreased since 2017 when there were 781 bridges classified as structurally deficient 2017.

The Interstate Highway System contains 17 severely damaged bridges. The National Highway System, which includes the Interstate and other vital roadways connecting major airports, ports, rail, and truck terminals, is missing 88.6 percent of the structurally deficient bridges.

The state has identified essential repairs on 2,042 bridges at an estimated cost of $2.0 billion.


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