6 Popular Tourist Attractions in Texas

Diana Rowe

Did you know that Texas, the second-largest state in the United States, is bigger than most European countries?

Located in the south-central United States, discover plenty to experience and enjoy in the Lone Star State when you take a trip out to this part of the world

But where to begin?


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From Dallas to San Antonio (including remote parts of the state), we’re bringing you the 6 most popular tourist attractions in Texas.

The Lone Star State features a wide variety of scenery including mountains, caves, deserts, and canyons.

Drawing in a big percentage of the population, it is home to a number of special cities including Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

Though you could easily spend weeks traveling around Texas, we have narrowed things down to 6 of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas.

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1. The Alamo

Out to the east of San Antonio, the Alamo remains one of the most important historical monuments in the whole of the United States — which is why it made our list of top 5 most popular tourist attractions in Texas.

The site became famous during the Texan War of Independence when a small force barricaded in against the much larger Mexican army.

Millions of people flock here every year to pay tribute to the fallen Americans including such famous figures as Davy Crockett.


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2. Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

Dallas is already a fascinating city with a wealth of attractions.

Perhaps the most interesting attraction is the Sixth Floor Museum which is where the fatal bullet that killed President John F. Kennedy was fired.

The museum includes detailed accounts of the assassination as well as his time as president.

Not far away from here is the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial which also pays tribute to one of the most famous presidents in history.


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3. Big Bend National Park

Located in southwest Texas along the Mexico border, Big Bend National Park is one of the most popular wilderness areas in the country.

This huge park is home to a range of different landscapes, and diverse flora and fauna thrive here including more than 400 species of birds and 1,100 species of plants.

Hundreds of miles of hiking trails are available for people who enjoy experiencing the landscape in this way.

You can also experience the park by boat to get a totally different impression of things.


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4. San Antonio River Walk

Running through the center of San Antonio, the Riverwalk has been built below street level and it is highly popular with both tourists and locals.

If you want to get the best of both worlds, take a river cruise upstream before walking your way back to the starting point.

Along the way, stop for something to eat at one of the many fine restaurants that are dotted around this stretch of river.

5. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

If you are interested in desert landscapes, you have certainly come to the right place!

Possibly the most scenic part of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park is the area around the huge mountains El Capitan and the Guadalupe Peak which is the highest point in the whole state.

A great starting point is the Visitor Centre in Pine Springs where you can plan your visit to the rest of the park.


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6. Fort Worth Stockyards

This piece of American livestock history is located in Fort Worth Texas, a 98-acre historic district just north of the city's central business district, that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Step back into Old West history with its original brick walkways and wooden corrals.

Experience the Old West by watching its gunfight shows and twice-daily cattle drives when you add Fort Worth Stockyards to your Texas experience.

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