5 Amazing Family Vacation Experiences

Diana Rowe

Is planning this year’s family vacation causing you stress?

Start researching different destinations and experiences that will make your time off memorable.

From theme parks to all-inclusive beach vacations and camping trips, read on for 5 awesome family vacation experiences.

Taking the kids (no matter their ages) on vacation is one of the most precious memories a family can have.

Family vacations help you bring your children, grandchildren, and extended family together.

But with so many options of where to go and what to do, how do you start.

To make your family travel planning easier, we have created a list of amazing family vacation experiences to impress kids and grownups alike.


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1. Go Camping

To bring the family together, and teach your kids some essential survival skills, you might decide to camp out one night.

Stay close to a campsite, and take the night off the hotel to enjoy a great night together, singing and roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Enjoy great family accommodation, and take a tent with you to visit nearby natural reserves and campsites one night.


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2. Swimming at Night

If you are planning a beach vacation this year, you might want to arrange swimming at night.

This activity is more suitable for teenagers than small kids, but – if you follow safety guidelines – you can involve everyone.

Be sure to check with your resort to confirm whether it is safe to swim at night.

Some of the beaches may advise you not to do this, as ocean currents can be unpredictable, but there are some quiet bays and lagoons you can visit for a night swim.

Another night swimming option is at your hotel pool.

There's something relaxing and exciting about swimming at night.


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3. Learn Scuba Diving

If you have never tried scuba diving, you and the kids can sign up for a course, adding this to your family vacation experiences.

Get all the diving and safety equipment supplied and checked by the diving school.

During your stay, learn scuba diving and master some great skills.

Don't forget to bring your waterproof camera to add snapping amazing underwater pictures, or just explore the life off the coast of different beaches.

4. Themed Resorts

Apart from popular themed resorts, such as Walt Disney World and Universal, discover some great places for your next vacation, which are less crowded and offer a unique experience.

Check out Legoland in California and add a stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel California nearby.

Or how about the Hersheypark in Hershey, PA, which offers a walk-through zoo, water rides, and Chocolate World?

Many hotels, such as Great Wolf Lodge and Gaylord, feature themed hotel experiences that offer family vacation experiences including waterparks, holiday adventures, and more.


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5. Interact with Marine Life

Depending on your chosen destination, you can seek experiences that allow interaction with marine life. This will be an experience that your family members will remember for a long time.

From the Bahamas to the Caribbean to Florida, there are many programs offering the swimming with dolphins experience.

Other marine life experiences include shark swims, stingray feeding, and even swimming with pigs.

These experiences usually begin with an educational component, before embarking on your experience of a lifetime.

Or you can simply snorkel and witness the amazing beauty and colors of marine life first hand.

This activity is on many families’ bucket list and can be a great way of making your vacations even more memorable.

When planning this year’s family vacation memories, don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box.

Look for unusual places and experiences that every member of your family will enjoy.

Check out travel reviews, and look for family-friendly accommodation and nearby tours, so you can make great memories together.

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