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7 Best Luxury Hotels in Seattle

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Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a perfect city for outdoor enthusiasts. There is the ocean on one side and breathtaking mountains on the other. Music fans also flock to this place because Seattle is the official birthplace of grunge, a genre that took the world by storm in the first part of the 1990s.

Seattle is also home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world right now. Therefore, you will find plenty of luxury hotel options in this city. Prices are certainly not cheap in Seattle. However, those who don’t mind splurging a bit will have a comfortable stay in one of these hotels.

Grand Hyatt Seattle

If you plan to explore Seattle, Grand Hyatt could be your launching point. Its downtown location makes this hotel a convenient choice for travelers who want to visit as many sights as possible. For instance, Pike Place Market is just a couple of blocks away.

Of course, Grand Hyatt is a luxurious place with a cozy lobby and contemporary rooms that have all the amenities you might need during your stay. Plus, rooms on the upper floors have a lovely view of the downtown area, as well as the waterfront.

The Arctic Club

The Arctic Club has a rich history. This building once housed a bar where wealthy gold miners would discuss business and make new deals. Today, the Arctic Club is a luxury hotel owned by Hilton Worldwide.

The hotel still has that opulent vibe, with extraordinary interiors and decor. The turn of the century furniture and chandeliers will make you feel like you traveled back in time. While the Arctic Club doesn’t have a swimming pool, you will still get to enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant or hang around a pool table.

W Seattle

If you love hotels with a modern vibe, W Seattle is the right choice for you. The decor is incredibly trendy and stylish, making this place attractive to business people and tourists alike. W Seattle is located downtown, so you can go sightseeing on foot whenever you like.

While W Seattle is a bit pricey, visitors will find plenty of entertainment options within the hotel itself. For instance, there are DJ parties every weekend in the lobby, and the restaurant serves trendy meals. The rooms on the upper floors have stunning views of the bay too.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

The Italian Renaissance exteriors of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel are a real eyecatcher. This hotel has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979. As soon as you step inside, you will find yourself in a luxurious lobby with high ceilings and sparkly chandeliers.

Besides looking glamourous inside and outside, customer service here is impeccable. Rooms were updated in 2016 with new furniture that still goes well with the overall theme of this place. Food lovers should check out the Shuckers Oyster Bar that mainly serves seafood.

Alexis Hotel

Boutique hotels are all the rage now. Nestled in the West Edge neighborhood of Seattle, Alexis Hotel offers 121 rooms, and every single one of them is uniquely decorated. The building itself is from 1901, and the exteriors fit perfectly with this historic part of the city.

Once you get inside, you will see plenty of art pieces made by local artists. They find inspiration in the Seattle music scene, so rock and grunge fans will feel right at home at this place. Alexis Hotel offers free coffee to all guests regardless of the time of the day. West Edge neighborhood houses some of the best restaurants in Seattle too.

Four Seasons Hotel

Located at the very heart of Seattle, Four Seasons is a five-star hotel that is a good choice for those of you who like sightseeing. Many major sights are just around the corner. Also, this hotel offers stunning views of the city and Elliott Bay.

Four Seasons hotel is a complete luxury stay, with an infinity pool on the rooftop and one of the best restaurants in the Seattle area. There are 147 rooms available for visitors, and the interiors look very classy, with paintings and sculptures in every corridor.

The Edgewater

The iconic Edgewater Hotel was constructed in 1962 for the World’s Fair. What makes it stand out is that this hotel lies on the Central Waterfront overlooking Elliott Bay. As Beatlemania was shaking the US in 1964, the images of Edgewater Hotel were printed all around the globe.

The Beatles stayed at this hotel and were photographed fishing from the window. Thanks to that anecdote, Edgewater Hotel has a Beatles-themed suite. But those four boys from Liverpool weren’t the only celebrities who stayed at this luxury hotel. Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain, and many more are on that list. So if you want to be a part of the history and feel like a rockstar, Edgewater Hotel is a great choice.

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