Factors Influencing Online Consumer Purchasing Decisions


Online shopping has never been easier than it is today. People are one click away from buying their wished products while being at home, at work, or even while traveling.

In the past few years, the online shopping industry has grown tremendously, becoming a threat to the traditional business environment. Lack of time and convenience make more and more people spend their time online to relax and shop. As a result of this trend, companies are also making their presence online.

The online environment has allowed companies to sell products without needing a physical store. Nowadays, time is a problem for the consumer. Using the internet, people place the order easier, and the product arrives faster, resulting in the consumer being satisfied.

In the online environment context, consumer behavior no longer depends on the classic physical environment elements (the arrangement of the products on the shelf, light, smell, etc.), and the influencing factors are different.

These factors could consist in the device used by the consumer, the website's design, and the way the products are presented on the site.

Price: the consumer evaluates the product based on the price and compares it with other products.

Trust: the consumer's safety needs have to be satisfied, before making the purchase. The website has to be safe and trustworthy, along with provided payment methods.

Comfort: for the consumer, online shopping is an advantage and a way to relax. The website needs to load fast, be easily navigated through, be intuitive, and have the products categorized.

The online environment has taken over people's lives, becoming an indispensable element in everyone's life.

Nowadays, people's lives also take place online. Life digitalization has led to the development of specific behaviors in the online environment, different from everything we knew until now.

These are just 3 main factors influencing consumer online purchasing decisions. The consumer's behavior is not easy to be predicted or understood. Psychological, cultural, personal, and social factors are crucial to keep in mind when analyzing consumers' behavior.

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