Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein illegally killed Romania’s largest bear, named Arthur

ArthurAgent Green/ Facebook

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein allegedly came to Romania in March, and, for a fee of 7,000 euros, he got permission to kill a female bear that has cubs, because she caused damage last year to some farms in Ojdula, Covasna County. The bear represented a danger to human lives and households.

But Prince Emanuel ended up killing the largest Romanian bear, Arthur.

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein is a member of the Liechtenstein monarchy and owns a castle in Austria, in the city of Riegersburg, located in the Austrian region of Styria. Prince Josef-Emanuel of Liechtenstein is 32 years old and is the youngest child and the only son of the royal couple Nikolaus and Margaretha of Liechtenstein. He is 16th on the line of succession to the throne. Now, he does business all over the world and is known to be passionate about hunting.

In Ojdula, Covasna, the locals complained that a bear was harming their households. But they were talking about a bear and not a male.

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein came to kill a bear that caused harm to people having a derogation offered by the Romanian Ministry of Environment granted for the elimination of a bear cub that caused damage last year to some farms in Ojdula, Covasna County.

”The brown bear is a species strictly protected by EU law and the Berne Convention. Derogations are exceptions that occur in extreme cases on a case-by-case basis, after a thorough assessment of the situation, and the lethal method is the last resort when alternatives (including relocation) have failed and the problem bear endangers human lives and households. The European Commission has approved a budget for member states to compensate immediately and fairly any farmer who suffers damage on their own land or in areas where they have a contract to practice agriculture.” - Agent Green

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein killed the wring bear, he killed Romania’s largest bear, Arthur.
Prince Emanuel von und zu LiechtensteinSource: Stirile ProTV

Could Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein have killed Arthur by mistake?

Agent Green and VGT associations from Austria accuse that Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein killed the biggest bear in Romania, under the pretext of eliminating a bear from Covasna, which is damaging the households of the locals.

So, the accusations are brought by the investigators of an environmental organization who say that Arthur, a monitored bear, considered one of the most beautiful in Romania, fell victim. The Environmental Guard was notified and the verifications began.

Agent Green and VGT in Austria condemn the killing of the brown bear Arthur by the trophy hunter, Austrian Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein. Environmentalists say it is poaching and that the animal shot is probably the largest in the EU.

According to Agent Green:

”Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein, resident in the Austrian region of Styria, bases his killing of the biggest bear on the derogation offered by the Romanian Ministry of Environment granted for the elimination of a bear cub that caused damage last year to some farms in Ojdula, Covasna County. But in reality, the prince did not kill the problem bear, but a male who lived in the depths of the forest and who had never come near the localities. The Arthur bear has been observed for many years by the Agent Green ranger in the area and was recognized as a wild and unusual specimen with the presence of man and the food sources provided by him. Its habitat was the Natura 2000 protected area Oituz-Ojdula ROSCI0130.”

Gabi Păun, the president of Agent Green said the followings:

“It was a case in which the interest for the trophy and not the need of the people from the village to solve a real problem is seen in the book. They found a villager to file a complaint about an attack, more than half a year later he filed the complaint ".
Arthur's dead bodySource: Agent Green

What happened is truly a tragedy.

”Arthur was 17 years old and was the largest bear observed in Romania and probably the largest living in the European Union. The corpse's measurements indicate that Arthur had 593 points out of 600, which is the maximum possible in the trophy hunting industry. I have never heard of such a record score before. I wonder how the prince could confuse a female with a chicken coming to the village with the largest male that existed in the depths of the forest. It is clear that the prince did not come to solve the problem of the locals but to kill the bear and take home the biggest trophy to hang it on the wall. It's a game of poaching since they shot the wrong bear.” - Agent Green

In Romania, trophy hunting was barred since 2016 as the brown bear is protected by an EU directive. But hunting is allowed for "problematic" bears that cause damage after the relocation measures had no effect.

Moreover, the problem of the locals was not solved after Arthur's murder: the bear with cubs continued to come to do damage in their yards.
Riegersburg Castle( Riegersburg Castle / Wikipedia )

Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein was contacted by many journalists but decided to not respond to the accusations.

Gabi Păun, the president of Agent Green said that:

"Nothing was solved, on the contrary, a very valuable bear was taken out of Romania, with a very important role on the bear population. I want to close all the loopholes to the trophy hunt and open all the legal levers to change the legislation so that I hate to become a national pride again, not a problem. The hunt should be done only in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Interior and a representative of the Environmental Guard, that we know that the problem bear is extracted, DNA samples are taken and compared with the extracted problem bear and to incinerate the corpse, in order not to encourage the trophy to leave the country. I must also educate the educational to coexist close to the bear. ”
”What I found strange is that the picture with the dead animal is a fake one, that in the picture you can see some houses in the background as if the bear was shot near an inhabited area. Things don't go that way in the woods, especially since Arthur didn't come near the village unless he put a dead horse in it.”
The derogationSource: Agent Green

Gabi Păun, the president of Agent Green believes that the Prince came to kill Arthur.

The derogation was clearly a cover-up for something unclean in this case. That's the suspicion. There is no documentation to back it up. You can't give a derogation for something that happened last summer, six months later.
Here, things are already suspicious. There are many things that need an explanation.
Shotting the wrong shot bear is poaching. You can't really confuse a smaller bear with a bear twice as big as her. A man who hunted before, together with the hunting association, when he has a giant animal in his rifle, I don't think there is any doubt that he was a dominant male.
It was a sensational example in this country. You may not know them all, but I've certainly never seen anything like it, and many have never seen such a big bear.

VGT organization from Austria said that this is:

"a disgrace to Austria that Prince Emanuel committed an abuse to kill this gorgeous bear just to tick a new blow on his list of trophies."
Riegersburg Castle( Riegersburg Castle / Wikipedia )

Agent Green has launched a petition "STOP Trophy Hunting". It has already been signed by over 40,000 people

Octavian Berceanu, head of the Environmental Guard, said an investigation began on April 29.

Environment Minister, Tanczos Barna said:

"If a bear is killed without complying with the law, the financial penalty is 30,000 euros and a criminal investigation is carried out and it is investigated whether the conditions for the criminal act are met."
ArthurSource: Agent Green

So, this is Arthur, the 17 years old bear that lost his life after being shot by Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein. He was the largest Romanian bear and probably the biggest bear alive in the EU. Even though this happened in March, the event just now is starting to get the public and media attention.

An entitled Prince came and killed Romania’s largest bear. This is unacceptable and an insult to all Romanians, organizations, and people who fight for the protection of the environment and animals.

Nothing can be done to bring Arthur back to life. But actions can be taken to protect animals and prevent such horrifying events. Also, actions must be taken to hold Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein accountable for his actions.



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