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Source: Denver Zoo Facebook Page

The state of Colorado was hit by a huge snowstorm.

March is the month when it usually snows in Denver. But not this much.

It's not a normality for a snowstorm this big to hit Denver. But it happened. A snowstorm hit Denver, Colorado for the past few days.

The city turned white after more than 2 feet of snow filled the streets.

Denver airport had been closed because of the storm. The roads were temporarily closed, the children did not go to school. Even the vaccination campaign was affected by the storm.

The snowstorm has affected the lives of people in the state of Colorado.

Normally, in this time of year, the temperatures were between 50 °F and 59 °F in Denver

This storm is the fourth-strongest snowstorm in Denver history dating back to 1881.

The storm is not a pleasant situation for most people. Children are happy upside down when it snows. The same cannot be said of adults, because their life is affected and they worry about the consequences that a snowstorm of this size brings.

But children are not the only ones enjoying the snow.

Lions at the Denver Zoo were caught playing in the snow. They were running around playing in the snow.

A video showing the lions having fun in the show was posted on Denver Zoo' Facebook page with the message:

"Snow Day Shenanigans at Benson Predator Ridge
After our keepers got the lion's share of a workout making Benson Predator Ridge safe for our lions, hyenas, and African wild dogs, a couple of our residents felt brave enough to inspect their surroundings. In Africa, lions spend most of their day trying to find ways to keep cool, so surprisingly, our lions love the snow as they can be as active as they want without overheating! And if they catch a chill, they have heated rocks to lounge on and heated bedrooms waiting when they need them."

You can see the video in the link below:

The video was posted on March, 12 and has almost 500,000 views, over 6.000 likes, and over 200 comments. The video quickly became viral on the internet.

This video made people happy, smile, and made their day better.

Denver Zoo posted on their Facebook page other images and videos of how animals reacted to the snowstorm.

You can see horses, flamingo, tigers and many other animals reacted to the snow on Denver Zoo Facebook Page.

Also, because of the snowstorm, a lot of people were concerned about how animals that are used to warm weather are protected from the cold weather.

Denver Zoo responded to people's concern and posted a video with rhinos being kept in a warm place and protected from the snow, with the message:


"#ICYMI we had a massive snow storm the other day and got a lot of questions for how our residents weathered the storm! While our cold-hardy species had the best day ever frolicking in the snow, warmer weather species—like our greater one-horned rhinos—weathered the storm inside heated habitats. And as you can see from the video, Tensing and Joona took full advantage of their Toyota Elephant Passage spa day with heated tubs and warm-water sprinklers. Oh to be a rhino!"

The Zoo is located at 2300 Steele St Denver, Colorado, USA 80205.

Because of the storm, the Zoo will be closed until the weather changes. When the weather clears up, people can go, see, take pictures and admire the animals they saw on Facebook in reality.

Let's hope Denver and other cities affected by snowstorms will recover quickly.

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