3 Lies Your Girlfriend Tells You



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Every human lies once in a while. Every girl lies to his boyfriend once in a while. Lying is something we all do.

You lie to your parents since you were young. You used to hide and lie about the thing you broke to your parents.

We, humans, lie to avoid unwanted situations that can cause us discomfort or other negative feelings. We lie to protect ourselves.

Of course, sometimes a lie can bring more bad than the truth. It's not pleasant when you find the loved person lied to you.

If your girlfriend is lying to you, it doesn't mean that she doesn't love you. It just happens. We all lie. Sometimes a girl doesn't want to admit the truth. Sometimes she just wants you to realize how she feels.

Women are complicated, and the reasons behind one lie can be complex.

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” — Leo Tolstoy

No matter how much she loves you, she can still lie to you.

These are the 3 lies your girlfriend tells you:

1. I am not upset

Women want attention and have high expectations because of all the Hallmark movies seen in childhood. So, you should be careful and not upset her if you don’t want her to lie. Of course, this is impossible. You are probably thinking about why your girlfriend can never say when she is upset. Well, she will do it, but she doesn't want to.

Women get upset easily. Boys somehow don't know this. Or they just pretend they don't.

When a girl gets upset, most of the time she doesn't tell her boyfriend about it. Your girlfriend is waiting for you to realized and find the reason responsible for her sadness.

But even if you realize that she is upset, your girlfriend can still lie to you. She will tell you that it’s not a big deal and she isn't upset.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend has to be always careful with his girlfriend’s gestures and nonverbal communication. These things reveal the real feeling. You can try and talk to her nicely and apologize when you think you’ve done something that would upset her, and maybe she will say what she really feels.

Your girlfriend wants you to see that she is upset, and she will get madder if you don’t find out fast.

2. I am not jealous

Every girl on this planet is jealous. It is impossible to know a girl that is not jealous. They don't exist.

If your girlfriend says that she is not jealous, she is lying to you.

Your girlfriend could tell you that she doesn’t care about your girlfriends and it’s not jealous. Well, she is lying to you. Don’t believe her.

When you talk and pay attention to another girl, your girlfriend will get jealous. It's something normal. The girlfriend wants to be the only woman that gets attention from you. There is no girl on this planet that will be ok with her boyfriend paying more attention to the other girl and not her.

Most of the time the girlfriend won't admit that she is jealous. She will lie to you and say that everything it's ok. But it's not. You have to dig and find out by yourself that she is jealous. Fights can start easily because your girlfriend is jealous and you don't do something about it.


Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

3. You can get drunk

It’s a huge lie that a lot of boys believe. Girls don't have a problem when their boyfriends get drunk, and they are together.

The problem is, when the boyfriend hand out just with the boys, in a local/bar and gets drunk.

Girls don't like it because you can trust a drunk boyfriend. He can cheat easily while being drunk. Most of the time, after getting drunk you forget what you did. So how can your girlfriend trust you? People do crazy stuff when they are drunk. They do things that they wouldn't normally do.

Girls don't mind their boyfriend drinking one or two beers. It's just when they get drunk. A lot of things that lead to bad endings could happen.

If you got drunk last night while being out with your friend, your girlfriend is definitely angry at you. How could she not be? She may say that it's ok, and she is happy you had fun, but she lies to you. She is not happy about it.


Girls are crazy but in a good way. There is nothing to do about this. You boys just need to accept us this way and deal with it.

Lying is something that your girlfriend will do. No matter how much you both want a simple and sincere relationship, it will not happen.

You probably experience the moment your girlfriend told you she is not mad or upset. But then she kept looking angry at you. You could tell by the look in her eyes that she is mad. But her words would be so sweet, and she would sound so happy and unbothered. When this happens you try to make her happy with kisses, flowers, and chocolate.

But let's be honest. Girls are not the only ones that lie. Boys do it all the time too. But it's more obvious when a man lies than when a woman does it.

Some people lie more some do it less. But in the end, we all lie.

Girls are complicated, and the boys just have to deal with it. Being a boyfriend is not easy to do. Dealing with your girlfriend's moods and mysterious behavior can be exhausting. It gets easier when you love your girlfriend.

Living happens even though woman know that is the best to communicate and tell the truth. In the end, the problem that made her lie will be talked about. The sooner the better.

Communication is the key to a happy and longevity relation. But your girlfriend will still lie to you. There is nothing you can do about it. You, as a boyfriend, just have to learn to deal and live with it.

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