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Having acne is a nightmare. It's scary, you don't know how to escape and can leave scars for life. 

Some have acne in their teenage years while some have it when they are adults. Of course, there are the lucky ones that never got acne or got 1 or 2 small pimples their whole life. 

I struggled with acne. You are probably in the same situation as me if you are reading this.

Acne is a long time battle that will eventually end even if it seems like you would live with it forever.

The best way to cure acne is to go to a dermatologist and get the products that suit your skin the best. It can be expensive but it’s worth it.

I first started having hormonal acne at 17 years old. I went to a dermatologist that gave me antibiotics and some creams. In 3–4 months, I got clear skin. For more than 2 years, I had the clearest skin ever.

A year ago I started breaking out again. That’s how hormonal acne works, it comes back, unfortunately. This time it was more severe. I went to the same dermatologist again. My dermatologist told me to take Accutane because it will make me have clear skin faster. I didn’t want to, so I took antibiotics for 6 months.

I also used some of the same products she recommended a few years ago and some new ones. It took more than 6 months to have clear skin. Even now, a year later I still get some pimples and I still have some acne scars.

I will tell you the products she recommended and worked for me. These products may not work for you as great as they did for me. You should still go to a dermatologist to find the best treatment for your problem.

1. Mask Plus Acne Gel

Mask Plus Acne Gel it’s an amazing product. Don’t expect to see results overnight though. This gel is recommended for the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris. Has a keratolytic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effect.

How I use it: For the first time I use it, my skin was peeling in the areas I applied it and was a little irritated but in 4–5 days my skin got used to the product and I had no problems anymore. It hasn’t irritated me again. I applied it before going to sleep just on the pimple because it’s very strong and can strip the skin.

Now If I get a pimple that won’t go away with the other products I will apply this gel and in a few days is gone. My skin will be peeling in the area I apply it if I haven’t use the gel in a long time. For me, it’s not a problem because I notice that the pimple it’s healing faster when the skin peels.

2. Maskrym Acne Emulsion

Maskrym Acne Emulsion is my favorite product and I still use it almost every day.

It’s good for preventing future breakouts and treating them without irritating the skin. It’s recommended for mild and moderate forms of acne vulgaris and sensitive skin.

How I use it: I apply this almost every night before going to sleep. Also, if I have a pimple I massage the area with this cream for a few minutes because it helps heal faster.

3. Mask Hidra or Avene Cleanance Hydra

Mask Hidra is a moisturizing and mattifying emulsion for oily, sensitive skin. It’s recommended to use during specific anti-acne treatments that can induce skin sensitization. The cream has a moisturizing, repairing, sebum regulatory, antimicrobial, and protective effect.

Avene Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cream has a soothing, moisturizing, and nourishing effect. It’s recommended for dry and irritated skin as a result of medical treatments against acne.

I like both of the creams the same. Sometimes I use the Mask one and sometimes the Avene one. Both of them work great for me.

How I use it: I apply the cream in the morning after cleansing my face and before going to sleep after I clean and remove my makeup. Also, I use the cream as a makeup base and it works amazing.


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4. Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel

Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel is gentle, calms the skin, and reduces excess sebum production.

How I use it: I wash my face with it every morning and night. Also, I use it after I remove my makeup too. My skin feels clean and fresh after I used it and it doesn’t dry it.

5. Biotrade Pure skin

Biotrade Pure Skin Exfoliating Tonic offers a superficial chemical peel. It helps regulate sebum secretion, reduces blackheads, and brightens the skin.

How I use it: My dermatologist told me to use this at night, after cleansing my face with the gel and to apply the hydrating cream and one of the mask acne treatment creams after it. I use this tonic 3–4 times a week.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to get clear skin but it’s not impossible. It can take you a few weeks or even years to treat acne.

A dermatologist can be expensive. I spent a lot of money but it’s worth it. It’s better to spend the money on a dermatologist than buying a bunch of products hoping you will find the one that treats your acne. The chances are low to find the treatment for your acne by yourself. A dermatologist studied this for years and knows the best.

I told you about these products because the chances are low to irritate and make your acne worse because my dermatologist told me to buy them. The products are tested and approved to be sold on the market. But I recommend reading the ingredients because you still might be allergic or get reactions from a certain ingredient.

Having acne is hard. I hope you get rid of it fast and never get it again. I hope you will get rid of your acne soon and find the best treatment.

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