An adorable video of a cute puppy and kid

Dhruv Sheladia

Yesterday, I was randomly browsing my Instagram and I found this adorable video of a cute puppy and baby. The puppy is pouring over the baby’s blanket.

This video is all about cute dogs and cute babies. While the cute baby is sleeping, the puppy comes and pours over his blanket . The puppy is very cute and nice.

People think that dogs and babies don't get along well, but the truth is that they do! Dogs are very kind and gentle to human babies. In the video, you can see how this dog can't help but come over to check out the sleeping baby on the bed. The baby continues sleeping without any problems. This notion also applies to cats and kittens. It's very natural for them to enjoy each other's company because they are both animals with soft fur and loving personalities.

The video features a cute dog and a baby who are best of friends. The pup is so kind and gentle, to the point where he pours some water over the baby's blanket when she falls asleep. If you get an adorable overload from seeing this, then you're going to love this next video. It's a compilation of babies who have fallen asleep while being videotaped, and the dogs just can't help but come over and check out the sleeping babies! If they're not interested in them, they'll often relax somewhere nearby.

This video has gone viral on Instagram and many people are liking it.

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