A viral video of a cute baby and his mother.

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This is a video of a cute baby and his mother. When the baby is sleeping and his mother is debating whether or not to wake him,

And in reply, the kid was raising his hand, and it seemed like the baby said thanks, but I am sleeping.

Moments like this make parents so happy. Whether it's a nap, a bath, playing with toys, or just sharing your life through conversation, it's such a joy to watch your child learn and grow. Every parent enjoys playing with their baby and loves to see when the baby replies like this—"I love you, mommy! but, right now I am sleeping."

This is one type of funny video on Instagram that I found randomly. A funny video refreshes our minds. That's why people enjoy watching funny videos like this on social media. This video has gone viral on Instagram and many people really enjoyed it after seeing it.

This video feels like love in every viewer's heart. I really love to see this video and even believe the baby’s mother also feels funny to see this cute video.

Many people share their love for that baby in the comment box, and I hope you guys share your review after watching this video.

The caption for this video is "Baby."

This is the video

I appreciate the video maker. It is very nice work by them and on time.

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