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When it comes to self-care, I practice six ways of meditation.Meditation is an important part of my daily routine for self-care. I’ve been meditating for twenty years.

Sometimes there are no better words to explain what happens in meditation or for the meditator. Therefore, meditation is a phenomenon that can be profoundly understood only through proper methods, regular practice, and experience.

Although many spiritual teachers give general advice and guidance on the effects of meditation,the universe provides cosmic insights and sharpens intuition depending on a person’s lifestyle and life events.

Meditating is like exercising. It becomes demanding and complicated if one is lazy or doesn’t have much interest in it. On the other hand, meditation rewards the one who makes an effort and spurs intrinsic motivation to continue the practice. Most of the time, the mystical rewards that the meditator receives are hard to explain.The real purpose of meditation methods is to help the person free himself from unconsciousness, which happens to be the path to pain and suffering.

Meditation makes you a person of quality. It’s not about becoming the most successful or the richest. For example,if you’re a dishwasher, the dishes you wash shine in a unique way. If you’re a teacher, your students love you and look forward to more lessons with you. You speak, write and act with a sense of quality. When you write, your attentive readers know there’s a heartbeat behind your words.Your presence is charismatic, healing, and energizing to many.

Recently, I came across an old article where MIT studies state that meditation relieves chronic pain and tunes out distractions. You can click the embedded link to read it.

I’d now like to show you how I incorporate six meditative ways into my self-care. I hope these ways can help and inspire everyone to make meditation a part of their lives.

Silent Meditation

I sometimes do this meditation for about an hour. There are many methods of silent meditation. Some of the simpler ones are observing the thoughts or the breath. Silent meditation establishes a deep relationship with the universe and helps connect with the higher self.This meditation has led me to awareness, wisdom, and intuition.

Silent meditation has taught me how to deal with negative external stressors, set boundaries, prioritize my needs, and to pay attention to my own unconscious behaviors. It taught me how to let go of elements that affect my peace and progress.

Action-Oriented Meditation

I consciously practice two action-oriented meditations on the side to make my self-care more rewarding. In Sanskrit, action means Kriya. Actions count when it comes to attaining good. Bad actions lead to bad consequences. Good actions lead to good consequences.

I practice spending my time with good (quality) people.Good people are those who empower you, support you, and help you. Good people see your potential, encourage you, love you unconditionally, value your presence and lift your energies.

In Sanskrit, there’s a word called Satsang.Satsang means spending time with people who’re on the path to liberation and bliss. For example, if you want to get healthy, you need to be with people who eat healthy food and exercise regularly.

An Indian proverb says, the elephant, living or dead, is always an asset to man.” An elephant symbolizes an animal with qualities that are productive for humans. I’ve learned to look for peers who represent my life like an elephant symbol. I’m working on being like an elephant symbol for others too.

If someone is disturbing your peace and progress, that person isn’t an elephant symbol in your life, but a mosquito symbol that you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

I always make a positive contribution to the world and the people around me. I strengthen the energies of all who seek shade in my presence and require my support.Taking care of those who need my support and making the world better than how I found it, is part of my self-care process.

Writing Meditation

Writing is a form of meditation that I practice as my self-care.Reading helps me understand the world and writing helps me to understand myself.My relationship with the universe has become more intimate and intuitive through writing. I use my knowledge, experience, and intuition to shape my words. As I write, I can discern what the universe is telling me and what it expects from me.When I write, I enter into deeper states of euphoria.

There’s a Sanskrit word called,Manas Suddha.Manas Suddha means purification of the mind. It is a meditation method whereby you become aware of your thoughts, and calmly watch and release them without getting disturbed.Writing is like manas suddha.

As writers put into words their thoughts, feelings, experiences or lessons, they become self-aware and transform these words into elements of positivity.When words from your mind come to paper, the mind purifies and self-clarity grows.Writers rescue, uplift and strengthen many souls with their words. And writers gain immense clarity as they mindfully write.

Dynamic Meditation: Intuitive Workouts (Listening To My Body)

I refer to my exercise routines as dynamic meditation. The word “dynamic meditation” was coined by Osho, a spiritual mystic. In dynamic meditation, you jump, dance, bounce, shout and shake your body to get out all the unwanted energies, thoughts, emotions and pain. Later, you lie down on the floor and meditate in silence. The mind feels calmer and it’s easier to meditate silently after the dynamic meditation.

I modified my dynamic meditation by connecting them with my intuition. I intuitively listen to my body and then do the exercises my body requests for the day. When it comes to physical activity, the body is the master. Therefore, I listen carefully to what my body is telling me and then do the exercise that I need to do best. I feel healthier and fitter, with no aches, pains and health problems ever since I started listening to my body. Dynamic meditation improves physical and mental fitness. Dynamic meditation raises body awareness.

My goal is spiritual fitness, attaining a healthy physique that helps and supports me on my path of self-knowledge.

Exercising using intuition requires consistent practice. I find that this type of workout method helps to keep my energies in balance. Listening to my body and giving it what it needs best.. is my self-care.

Shower Meditation

Normally when we shower, we think of many things… we’re usually not present and we bathe mechanically. The lack of proper attention and self-focus can affect personal care.

I started practicing shower meditation. During the shower meditation, I thank the universe and visualize the negative things of the day being washed away. When I shower, I tell myself that I’m washing away bad vibes and freshening myself. You shouldn’t let negativity occupy your mind and slowly eat your peace.

I learned from my spiritual teachers that water absorbs and cleanses energies.We can use the sacred energies of water to recharge and refresh. Recharge yourself and come back invigorated after a shower. In some traditional practices and households, turmeric water is used for spiritual cleansing and to wash away negative energies.

Self-Witnessing Meditation: I Remain Aware, Present, and Observe Myself

Self-witnessing is a form of meditation I practice for my self-care. I practice being very aware from moment to moment, and I review myself as every moment passes.I try to remain alert and mindfully witness my thoughts, emotions, body, speech, actions, people, and environments. Self-witnessing is a good form of self-care for me. I believe self-witnessing guards me against getting trapped in my own set of wavering thoughts and prevents me from falling into the trouble-causing pits dug by unmindful people.

Thank you for reading my insights.

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