Opinion: Can Reminders Be Helpful to Start The Year Well?


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Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, small changes and reminders make a big difference in the way life’s challenges are handled.

Here are some reminders I’ve gained from life experiences that have helped me keep my peace and protect the peace of others.

Socialise with Matured People

I learned that it is important to be mentally and emotionally mature with one’s words and actions.

I observed that many older physical bodies are still trapped in their past age and haven’t yet matured mentally and emotionally. For example, sometimes unconscious thoughts and desires that weren’t fulfilled at 25, can return to haunt a person when they are 45.

It’s good to have a young and energetic mind at 60, but not an immature mind that functions like I’m still trapped in my younger years.

Aging doesn’t always mean maturity and wisdom. A person’s behavior and actions reveal the truth about a person and tell about a person’s real mental age and maturity level.

The reminder is to behave maturely and hang out with mature peers.

The more unhealthy food I eat, the longer I need to sleep

I’ve noticed that people who eat a heavy meal at 11 pm and sleep at midnight and then wake up at 5 am to go to work, tend to put on more weight and face more health issues.

At the end of the day, after following the rat race and earning a good income, I don’t want to use up most of my savings for my medical expenses that arise out of poor health management.

I’m learning to keep my dinners simple, light, nutritious, and early to stay healthy. For example, a grilled chicken with asparagus and millet, and fruit on the side is satisfying. I try to finish my dinner before 7:30 pm and go to bed at 10:30 pm.

I realize that the body needs more rest as it requires more time to repair and detox if more unhealthy food is consumed. If I’m only sleeping for six hours, then I believe I need to be mindful of what I’m consuming and what time am I consuming, to give the body ample space and time to re-energize.

I reminded myself not to eat heavy meals late at night and wake up early the next morning and have another set of heavy breakfasts. I learned to give the body sufficient rest and sufficient space to digest and repair.

Never judge quickly and never interfere in someone’s personal life

I remember my primary school teacher shouting in frustration to my noisy and naughty class, “Almost half the problems in the world are caused by people minding other people’s business!”

I believe that if something in someone’s personal life doesn’t concern me, then it’s good for me not to interfere in their personal matters. The only time I mind other people’s business is when I help them out of a problem or difficult situation.

Everyone has a personal story and a personal life moment. No one should pressure another person, judge them, impose personal values on them, or exercise control over the lives of others.

I remind myself that I should live my own life and let others live theirs.

I apply the what, how, and when in speech and action

I’ve told myself that it’s important to know what to say, when to say, and how to say… to ensure smooth, clear, and harmless communication. The same goes for my actions: what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Most interpersonal problems arise because the wrong word is spoken at the wrong time or speaking to the other party in a tactless, rude, and condescending manner. I believe that not all communications and actions can be expressed in a direct way. I remain mindful of wrong actions, taking action in the wrong way, or doing the right action at the wrong time.

For example, I don’t go to the funeral of my friend’s deceased father and tell him I don’t like the color of the coffin.

I remind myself to speak the right word and take the best actions at the appropriate moment. I practice assessing each situation and context, and checking my thoughts and words in my head before I speak and act. I believe that assessing the situation and context, together with mindful and tactful words and actions are very important to achieve a win-win situation or fair outcome.

I hope my reminders are useful to you as you start your year. Thank you for reading my insights.

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