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When I am traveling for work-related purposes, I usually do not bring along any fitness equipment. Simply, because I am too idle to pack them in my luggage and drag them along. I do not have much time to visit the gym too, due to my tight schedule. I have to attend meetings and company activities in the morning and evening.

Workouts are one of the most important tasks that I love doing in the morning. It makes me feel refreshed, grounded, energized and happy throughout the day. So how did I manage to complete my workouts without using equipment or heading to the gym?

Here are some bodyweight workouts that I do in the hotel room. These workouts can be completed within fifteen minutes.

Warm-up: Shadowbox for three minutes. (Full Body)

First workout: Regular push-ups. (Chest, Shoulders and Triceps)

Second workout: Bicycle crunches. (Abdominals)

Third workout: Superman. (Back)

Fourth workout: Heel taps. (Obliques)

Fifth workout: Squats. (Legs and Glutes)

Cooldown: Shadowbox for three minutes and do one minute plank. (Full Body)

For each of the five workouts, I perform the repetitions to failure before moving on to the next workout. Doing a workout to failure means, performing the exercise till I cannot do any more reps.

I usually repeat the cycle, if I had more time.


Once my workouts are done, I sit down silently to do breath meditation for about five to ten minutes. Breath meditation is about consciously watching our own inhalation and exhalation of breath. The purpose of this meditation is to bring our mind into the present moment, to raise and enhance our clarity, intelligence and consciousness.

Final Words

These workouts and meditation can be completed within thirty minutes. It has helped me to improve my thinking abilities, communication skills, positive expression of emotions and management of health. These workouts and meditation can be done anywhere when we have limited space and time. We can increase or decrease our time for our workouts depending on our needs. I believe that even five to ten minutes of workouts and meditations could still provide us with qualitative benefits for our overall psychological, physical and social functioning. You may try these methods if you are traveling or have busy schedule.

Thank you for reading my insights.

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