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Well, in school everyone's foremost intention was to love someone, (whoever be) -don't care, We have to look at this in School no matter what, So I met a girl called (Sophia) And She Was very interested in me, I Proposed her, And She also Said YES, (Why? Because she is also a Schooled Kid known)

So OK, we are decent, all the material is scoring well, but one day she got me, and she inquired about:

Sophia: What was the Number?

Me: it's 153….. etc

Sophia: Shut up, Not My Phone Number. What was the number of mine in List of Your Girlfriends?

Me: Sorry

Sophia: Let's Breakup

“I Think My Breakup story is faster than Breakfast”
Lesson Learned #1: If You love someone, be genuine, (it’s general Statement Right?) But According to Me -if you love someone Just Share your mistakes in your life, Share The Dark Phase of your life, and also share your Old Girlfriend as well At the beginning of your journey.

To be continued:

In School, I Have had a bunch of friends since childhood; we are 3 Boys and 4 Girls. While We were at the party, Everyone Shared Their personal information; after That One Girl Proposed to Me, I Was Just "WTF" and Guess What She Was, One of My Childhood Friends.

Lesson Learned#2: We Didn’t Recognise Our Soulmates, Even They Infront Of Us.

To be continued:

I said yes because I think that was a prank on me, But The Thing is, She Genuinely Loves Me,

Well, I Realized That When I met with an accident, She Treated me as a baby. At that Moment in her lap, I Realized She was my Partner.
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Lesson Learned#3: More Than We Love Someone, Make Sure We Have To Loved By That Star.

To be continued:

Well, At That Moment I Took My SOLUTION, We Both took pledge For ourselves that:

“Love Should Be as Pure as Our Grandfather, Grandmother Relationship, Well If they Fight together today, They just sleep Today, And Ignore’s On Next Day, And They Don’t Even try to be Sorry To Each Other, They Just Ignore Yesterday's Fight, Even If they Take On Another Fight, (AGAIN) So -Yeah According to me This Relation Can Last Forever.” -Ok Let’s name it the GFGM Rule

Yeah, After This Pledge, We Took a home And Living Together, And Guess What, We Stayed For More than a Year, -That Was Beautiful Moments in our life,

Lesson Learned#4: But Here The Thing Is Love Was So Beautiful at The Beginning To…. -Sorry, only at the beginning.

To be continued:

and guess what, The Problems Will enter now. Our Problem is that: Slowly We are getting busy with our work, Sometimes we don't have enough Time to Stay Together, We Started screaming at each other, Every little thing was becoming a fight, We Thought: Maybe we are getting bored with each other,

Well, yes we thought that maybe we were getting bored being together for so many days together, So let's be on long-distance, to check how things will work now.

So yeah, everything is going well; we are good at texting, calling all that stuff, and guess what, even now, we are fighting together. Here, I observe one thing while fighting together, which makes us think about how good we are at the beginning of our journey.

Lesson Learned#5: Fights with your loved one can create more value, cause our subconscious mind was busy while recollecting all the things with her/him, Of course they’ll think about the fight first.

To be continued:

I realized in the process that because of work pressure, we could quickly get on the fight and that fight's we thought for lack of love, But here the thing is: These fight's Will increase the value of both people in the relationship.

Here we go, the GFGM Rule (Grandfather, Grandmother Rule) Helped Us.

How? "If we fight today, we ignore that the next day while in this process. If we fight today, make sure we clear the fight on when we start a war.

Lesson learned#6: If you fight with your loved one, If You don’t clear at that moment, then you’ll mind trying to break that relationship as soon as possible. -simple

To be continued:

So yeah, because of this GFGM Rule, we are glad. In fact, In These Years, We Didn't apologize to each other. We Are Even More Focused on Our Work, How? Cause -Our fights will end someday or sometimes even faster.
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Well, the GFGM Rule Helped us,

I Hope This Solution Can Help You To.

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