We Fear of Death — but We Know That Everyone's Eventually

Dhanush Kaluvala

We fear Death, But We Know That Everyone’s Going to die eventually.

Hello, I Want To Tell You Something Strange and Short Which Usually You didn’t Read Maybe;

Nowadays, I respect everybody. Why? Cause If I hate someone, My subconscious mind was ordering me that “Don’t hate that person because he’ll Die Soon” What? Yes, Because It's Truth, Right? Everyone will Die Some Day, Sometimes it’s sooner, or Sometimes it’s Later.

But Remember One thing You and I will die, Besides human death, we don’t have significant issues. That issue we assumed “it’s a Tremendous Problem of my life” Then Think Like This:

First, You Have To Save One factor in your mind

(YOU AND I Going to DIE)

  • Think if we hate someone or someone hates us.

(YOU AND I Going to DIE)

So what’s Your Major Issue Besides This Line in your mind?

  • Think If We Have Lots of Money, or We Don’t?

(YOU AND I Going to DIE)

So what’s Your Major Issue Besides This Line in your Mind?

and then on…
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A: Don’t Think Like This Person

B: Think Like This Person

I Don’t know why I am feeling like this. Still, it creates for me to bring my peace out, cause I’ll Handle my mind with this line “YOU AND I GONNA DIE” So I Don’t Think Besides this any significant issues in my way of life.

Relax and Be Happy.

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