Never Say, “Try to Be in the Present,”

Dhanush Kaluvala
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Well, I am a Depressed Guy who is always just thinking about the future — I know “try to be in the present,” but there is nothing simple about stopping this in my head.

Everyone is like, ‘Try to be in the present,’ but What If I Think About the Present? The next minute is the future, and then where is the PRESENT? Time isn’t waiting for you today.

“If time does not exist, then ‘Try to be in the present’ is 100% correct.”

Because every minute is a path to the future, how can a person avoid future thoughts?

Eventually, I Realize One Thing: The Future is a Speculation. If Speculation is About Good, Our Subconscious Can Consciously Celebrate It. If It Was Sad, It Could Ruin Present Future Thoughts, not the Future; It Was Speculation Right.

I started my Speculations this way: Anything that comes to mind about the future will transform into the happiest speculation.

So then you may ask me, “How can I be happy being a cancer patient?” Well, if you know your end date, then you can be happy until that happens. I wish I knew my end date so I could make sure I was pleased. For those who know you are ending the month, be joyful until the end of the month!

“Time = Future, and the Future is Speculation, and that should be a good vibe.”

Now, you may ask me: You are a depressed person. How can you prescribe it to people? — Because the pregnant woman knew how much weight she was carrying.

What if you don’t know your end date? — Remove TIME from your mind and surroundings, turn your future (Speculation) into a good vibe, and be happy about your future and its unknown end.

— An Ex-Depression Guy.

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