A Two Poetry — Series

Dhanush Kaluvala

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

1.I Wonder Why

I wonder why

Is really outside the control

Of my parents

Saw his mom last night

His dad last night

were walking down the street

Just caught sight

Of a burly dad and a burly boy

Father, son, and so on

It’s a mixed bag for me

But the story I tell is just one long old tale

So you will know just which one’s true

What I wanna do is tell you the story of why we heroes went

Wherever we may go

We did all fall down to come up

Or find some younger to come along

Those of us who had a chance

Once locked, our dreams away

Now we’ll just keep our tears

Even in the world that lies to us

Those of us who had a chance

2.Not That It’s Easy

That means more money but makes it harder

Because it all comes down to me

What if I could stand up?

What if I could run?

What if I could hide?

I’m not saying that it’ll be easy

Or pretty or easy be cool

I’m not saying that it’s always easy

It’s not like you can call it that

Just remember that we’re in it together

Who knows what could happen?

What if we never look back?

I’m not asking if I’m done.

Or if I’m just the same as you

No, I’m simply saying that it’s comin’ down now

Not that it’s easy

Not that I want to be alone

It’s just that success in this whole wide world.

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