Stop Quitting Jobs out of “passion”

Dhanush Kaluvala

Unless You Mean This:
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Nowadays, most people want to get rid of their current job and try to do some other easy money-making tactics — sorry, it’s called “passion.”

Do you know what your passion is?

Or you’re just feeling guilty about your colleagues making more money by quitting their jobs and doing something else.

Of course, they can do it because some or other way they have their backup plans.

Do you have a backup plan?

The backup plan means not just savings; you need to control your emotions that cost a lot.

Don’t do traveling; Unless you’re willing to go some places for peace, you can go.

But don’t go just for the sake of money by writing articles about traveling and vlogging.

I am not telling you it’s not going to work, but I am telling you that don’t do it for the sake of MONEY.

If you are not interested in that, — Leave it.

Have you made any investments?

If not? While in your current job, do it now, split some salary just for investments in stocks or any financial sector.

You can quit your job and cry for money after completing savings. Still, your investments may reduce some stress after your salvation.

Everyone is quitting, so I am quitting it?

Ask yourself that because of colleagues, you’re getting these thoughts.

Yes, they can do it, but what about you?

You didn’t have any passion.

See, “passion” is nothing but an escape from being working hard. Still, you have that ability to work hard, and You can blend any work environment in your office.

Yes, Your colleagues have started their own company, but you’re still working here in your office.

You need to understand that they can run their own company, and you have the ability to work hard and make a healthy monthly paycheck.

It’s not about the POWER you have; It’s about the ABILITY.

The reality hurts.

But, If you want to give it a shot?

Of course, you can give it a shot, But if the environment of running a company is not working for you? Just quit that.

Try in another company, whether owning the company or working as an employee, doesn’t matter anything. Have you felt comfortable with the work you had every day?

Is it more accessible than your previous work?

And more importantly, have you felt that feeling about missing your previous job while working in the current position?

If yes, these are symptoms for you to get back to Your previous job.

— Because it happened to me.

Is it because your salary was less?

Yes, Most people are afraid of asking heavy hike in salary; why don’t you try it once. Ask them to increase and tell them I am not getting deserved compensation.

If the company needs you, they may think about it, But you have to start questioning them, right? Instead of that, you believe a myth like “maybe I deserve this much only, I’ll shift to another company which pays me more.”

So, go and ask them If they disagree with you, and check why they told you, is it justifies your abilities?

— I know you’re not stupid; you can understand that, if they want to divert the matter as a company funds issue, Just quit that company.

If you want to avoid doing that?

Then you’re a loyal employee to that company. (It’s subjective)

Is it because your salary is less than your spending?

Then the problem is money management.

Of course, you’re saving a bit every month, but you’re still not happy that spending has increased.

So as I told you before, not just save a little but make your money to run with the global inflation by investing in financial sectors.


Do we need to quit a job and start our own company in the name of “passion”?

— Why not? Joining another company in your “Passion” ate Field as an employee instead of starting a new own company.

If Everyone in a company tries to quit their current job like you, Then if you start your own company, who will work under you?

Have you ever thought this out?

Just ask yourself,

Thank You.

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