12 Little Reasons Why You Can’t Get Healthy — And How To Finally Eliminate Them

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Getting in better shape isn’t complicated.

There are a few proven, stress-tested methods to get healthy and stay that way. Time, discipline, and consistency are always required. The truth is, most people who want to get in better shape either never start or quit before the magic happens.

Here are the 12 reasons you can’t get healthy or stick with it long enough to see your desired results.

1. You haven’t actually committed.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” — Brian Mazza

If you live the way you’ve always lived, you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten. You can’t expect your body to change if you don’t change your lifestyle. Before you lift one dumbbell or go on a run, you have to actually commit to getting healthier.

To change your body, you have to change your lifestyle.

2. You spend too much time thinking.

If you don’t take the first step, you’ll never get anywhere in life.

The road to incredible health or 6-pack abs is not easy. But if all you do is think about getting in shape, it will never happen. To get healthier, you have to stop thinking and start acting.

It doesn’t matter where, in what direction, or how you start — to get results, you have to take the first step.

3. You “don’t like working out.”

Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

I don’t like brushing my teeth or showering, but I still do them every day. Treat your health like a job or a chore. But not doing it simply because you “don’t want to” is not going to cut it.

Adopt a “do it anyway” mentality with your health, and your results will skyrocket.

4. You’re comparing your journey to other peoples’.

“Everyone’s hard is different and unique to you, depending on where you are on your journey.” — James “The Iron Cowboy” Lawrence

Using other peoples’ fitness as a benchmark is a sure-fire way to fail. This type of comparison will stop you from taking action needed to get healthier. The best benchmark of progress is how you stack up to who you were yesterday.

It’s you versus you, not you versus him, her, or them.

5. You do too much too soon.

You don’t have to declare, “I’m going to get healthier!” and then run 30 miles.

Getting in better shape takes time and consistency. Start where you are, with what you have. Give your body (and habits) time to get used to working out. Take a walk, ride your bike, play with the kids.

Don’t burn yourself out by trying to do too much too soon.

6. You’re working out, not training.

Working out is boring.

Training — for a marathon, a big ski trip with your college buddies, or to play with your kids in the yard — is exciting. Don’t just workout. Set a goal and then train to make it happen.

It’s easier to stay consistent when you’re training for something.

7. You’re worrying about your gear.

You don’t need the latest shoes, shirts, or watch to start exercising.

Don’t let a lack of fancy gear keep you from doing the one thing that will actually get you in shape. Eventually, the better gear may help. But the best place to start is always with what you have.

Don’t worry about your gear. Start by taking the first step.

8. You didn’t set a goal.

“A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. — Thomas Carlyle”

If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know how to get there. Before you start exercising, set a goal for yourself. It could be to lose 10 pounds, run a 5K, or walk around the block every day.

Without a goal, you’ll exercise aimlessly and end up nowhere.

9. You’re waiting for the perfect time to start.

There is never going to be a convenient time to get in shape.

Whether you start today, tomorrow, or Monday morning, it’s going to be uncomfortable. You’re going to sweat just as much, and your muscles will be just as sore. However, if you start today, it’ll be that much easier come Monday morning.

Putting off exercise will never make it any easier.

10. You’re not consistent.

Consistency is the key to getting, and staying, in better shape.

I used to be a 240-pound weightlifter who couldn’t run more than 1 mile. Now I’m 190 pounds and can run 10 miles with relative ease. It didn’t happen overnight, but rather through consistent, daily action.

Don’t try to be perfect, be consistent.

11. You only exercise on the days you want to.

There are going to be days when you don’t want to workout.

These are “test days,” and they’re more important than the days you want to exercise. When you pass your “test days,” you build confidence. As a result, working out in the future is much easier.

Don’t shy away from days that you don’t want to workout.

12. You’re not doing something you love.

Good health cannot be achieved in a single day.

It takes time, consistency, and discipline. If you don’t enjoy your method of exercise, find a new one. Gardening, hiking, cleaning — there are countless creative ways to stay in shape.

Stop doing things you hate just for the sake of exercise. Health and fitness is a long-term game. Start now, stay consistent, and commit to changing your life.

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