What It Actually Means When You Don’t Want to Run

Devin Arrigo


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“It’s just one of those days.”

Everyone has had “one of those days” before. You know, the days where everything seems to go wrong. Where you snooze your alarm, you’re late to work, you forget your lunch on the kitchen table, and then everything breaks at work and you’re left to pick up the pieces.

Yeah, I think we’ve all had “one of those days.”

They’re inevitable. Things are never going to go exactly as planned. In fact, planning for things to go wrong will be more accurate than the other way around.

And when sh*t does hit the fan, usually we are thinking about just making it through the day. The last thing on our minds (or at least mine) is running.

Running usually becomes an after-thought, a nice-to-have but not something that we prioritize. Whether it’s “one of those days,” muscle soreness, terrible sleep, or simply “not feeling it,” the feeling of not wanting to run is pretty common.

As a runner, this isn’t uncommon. The motivation to run will not always be there. There are going to be days that you have to will yourself through that feeling of not wanting to.

It’s not going to be easy. And it certainly won’t be comfortable. But these days, the days we don’t want to run, are the ones that define us.

It’s incredibly empowering when you can smash through the negative self-talk and still run anyways. It’s these days, the days we don’t want to run, that truly define us.

The days that we don’t want to run, albeit sucky, are an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to grow, mature, and become stronger — both mentally and physically.

And, they’re a great way to prepare for life. There are undoubtedly going to be things we won’t want to do.

By embracing the sucky days where you don’t want to run, you can better prepare yourself for the inevitable things life will throw at you that you have to do anyway.

So, when you wake up two hours late, or when you just aren’t “feeling it,” remember that the adversity you are feeling is an opportunity. Not only an opportunity to become a better runner, but also a better human being.

Running prepares you for life, and the more you can run the better prepared you will be.

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