The Most-Effective Way to Get in Better Shape

Devin Arrigo

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“Are you working out?”, I said to my friend as he picked up his shiny new set of 30-pound dumbbells.

“No, I’m just testing the smell.”, he responded.

My friend was fed-up with the closure of his gym and decided to order some dumbbells so he could workout from home. I was super excited for him — this was the same friend who complained about his gym being closed, but never even tried working out from home. Finally, he took the initiative and did something about it.

That said, he wasn’t a fan of the newly manufactured ‘rubber’ smell and waited a couple of days so the dumbbells could air out before he would use them.

Like most people who are trying to get started, he was waiting for the perfect conditions. For a more convenient time. For the motivation to strike and push him forward.

This type of mentality isn’t uncommon. People who want to get in shape are constantly waiting for the conditions to be perfect. For the stars to align and the motivation to kick them in the butt and drive them forward.

It’s totally understandable. It’s hard starting something new, let alone trying to change your habits and body all in one go of it. Perfect conditions would be ideal.

But, this mentality isn’t going to work because the perfect moment won’t ever come. It’s a fantasy. A hoax. Things are NEVER going to be perfect when you’re getting started.

So what’s the best time to start working out?


Right this second.

The conditions will never be perfect. It’s going to be difficult whether you start now or Monday morning. You’ll sweat just as much, feel just as sore, and struggle just the same.

The only difference between starting now and Monday morning is that you’ll feel better and more confident come Monday if you started today.

So, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect motivation, or the perfect situation:

Stop waiting. The perfect moment is not coming. The best time to start is now. Don’t wait until tonight, Monday morning, or when the motivation strikes. Start now.

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