Stop Waiting For Your Gym To Reopen, You Already Have Everything You Need

Devin Arrigo

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I have a friend that blames his gym for being out of shape.

“I really need the gym to reopen man…I’m getting fat.”

I always try to approach the conversation with empathy, at the same time encouraging him to exercise at home, or even outside. Nonetheless, the excuses persist and continue to get more and more irritated.

I understand where he’s coming from. Before Coronavirus, my friend would go to the gym to stay active. He didn’t run. He didn’t work out at home. But at least he did go to the gym. And he built this habit of only exercising at the gym.

So, when the gyms closed, he wasn’t quite sure what to do. I get it.

But after a certain number of weeks (months at this point), I think you have to figure out another way. You have to get creative. You have to prioritize your health and well-being, instead of using a closed gym as an excuse.

Unfortunately, I think this is pretty common. People continue to use the closing of their gyms as an excuse for becoming unhealthy. Whereas instead, they should be using it as motivation to get creative.

“Well, how am I supposed to exercise if I can’t go to the gym?”

Your health and well-being should be important to you. You should want to prioritize it in your life. It can significantly improve every aspect of your life — physical, mental, relationships, even career. You should want to find a way to stay healthy, even if it’s inconvenient at the moment.

If you really want to get healthier, or just look better, you don’t need a gym to do it. You can start with the basics — with what you already have.
Your body.

Pushups. Situps. Squats. Burpees. Lunges. Jumping jacks. Jogging. Even just walking.

It’s not complicated. And it doesn’t take all day. Just move your body. You don’t need a gym to do that.

And with Amazon, there are really no excuses. It provides a nearly endless catalog of health and fitness gear at your disposal. From resistance bands to jump ropes, and even dumbbells (if they’re available). Yet another resource to help you stay in shape while your gym is closed.

It really doesn’t take much. 30 minutes a day, 4 times per week. That’s it.

I understand that gyms are closed, and it makes it inconvenient to work out. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for letting yourself become out of shape and unhealthy.

You already have all the resources, it just takes a little creativity and motivation to make it happen. Don’t wait around for the gyms to reopen. Start now. Build the habit, so when the gyms do reopen, you’ll that much more prepared.

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