Here’s Why That Extra $10k per Year Won’t Help

Devin Arrigo

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The definition of wealth is outdated.

Merriam-Webster defines wealth as “having an abundance of possessions or money.

Possessions or money…stuff.

Our society today judges how wealthy you are based on the amount of stuff you have. What your salary is. How much money you in the bank. How big your house is. The size of your 401K.

Our current definition of wealth overlooks the most basic quality of human life — happiness.

If you make $5M a year but aren’t genuinely happy, does the money really matter? What’s the point?

If you’re sad and depressed at the end of the day, was the money really worth it?

True wealth is living a life of abundance.

A happy life.

A life full of flourishing relationships.

A healthy life.

A life that leaves you smiling and fulfilled at the end of the day.

Wealth shouldn’t be a measure of material possessions or money. That’s an outdated concept that seems to still be in use today.

How you feel matters more than how much you make

  • Your happiness
  • Physical health
  • Relationships with others and yourself
  • New experiences
  • Learning a new skill
  • Personal growth

All of these can dictate how you feel. Which is immensely more important than how much you make.

Because happiness is the ultimate ROI. (shoutout Gary Vaynerchuk)

If you aren’t happy, what do you really have?

Now if having enough money to do whatever you want makes you genuinely happy, then, by all means, go get rich!

But, I think we need to shift our focus a bit…

Rather than aiming for living in a huge mansion, or having millions in the bank, we should be concentrating on doing things that genuinely make us happy.

Because true wealth is a factor of how happy you are, not how much money you make. None of the material possessions matter if you don’t genuinely enjoy your life.

I don’t care how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, what your net worth is, or how much you have in your 401k.

If you aren’t happy, none of it really matters.

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