Residents demand to make the subway more accessible to the disabled and not increase the metro card

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New York passengers launched the campaign "Let's transform transit" on Monday, to demand the transfer of resources to accelerate the adaptation of Subway stations so that they are accessible to the disabled, cyclists, and families who have other mobility needs, such as those who move with cars for children.

At a demonstration in the Bronx, spokespersons for various coalitions asked Washington legislators to allocate at least $ 20 billion for new elevators, signs, electric buses, and transit access in the “deserts” of the Big Apple subway.

In addition, it considers it a priority that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) receives $ 3 billion annually so that the Subway can maintain an affordable operation, to avoid devastating rate increases, service cuts, and loss of jobs within the system, when pandemic aid ends in 2023.

Congress must facilitate transportation for those who depend on these systems in low-income areas, such as the Bronx. As always, the most affected are the black and Latino communities, ”explained Danna Dennis, community organizer for the Riders Alliance.

Spokespersons for these advocacy groups stressed that for years, 80% of federal investments have been directed to the construction of roads and highways, leaving public transport users last. And even more so to those who have a mobility disability.

"Leaders in Washington must deliver on passengers, reverse generations of injustice in transportation financing, and secure the future of transit after the pandemic," Rimawi said.

Congress enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act three decades ago, and most stations in the Subway system remain inaccessible, leaving more than half a million passengers from the most vulnerable sectors outside the transportation system.

New york city subway hires security to improve safety.

According to a survey carried out in April of this year, passengers were afraid to use the subway again due to the insecurities that it had.

For this reason, the New York City subway operator says it plans to spend $ 2.2 million a month on private security guards to address crime and quality-of-life issues in the expanding system, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Officials at the state Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which oversees the subway, have been increasing the number of guards while calling on the city to provide additional police officers following assaults on staff, cases of passengers being pushed from the platforms of the station, the murder of two homeless people and a customer survey indicating growing concern for safety.

So apparently they are working on improving the service, hopefully, they can continue to improve the other areas and it can be a reliable service again.

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