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Mayor De Blasio sets the goal to reopen New York City 100% on July 1

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New York City will reopen at 100% capacity on July 1, guaranteeing that we will have "a great summer in the city" will be lived as they are used to. New Yorkers, with cultural events, restaurants, and shops running at full capacity.

Mayor Bill de Blasio explained that the date was decided, “as we move forward with a recovery for all of us, it is time to set a goal for a full reopening of New York City, and that goal is July 1.

Now we can see that light at the end of the tunnel. What does that mean? It means that we can go back to many of the things we love. That many jobs can come back. And, soon, it means that the things that make New York City special will be clearer than ever this summer.

We are all going to be able to enjoy the city again, and people will come here from all over the country to be part of this incredible moment in New York City,” the president added optimistically.

De Blasio specified that the opening would allow many businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and gyms, to operate at maximum capacity. “This means being able to go to the stores. It means bars and restaurants can come back, and bring back so many of their employees, serve a lot more customers."

On the workers in this sector, he added: “It will be perfect for the people who work there every day, for those cooks, waiters, bartenders and people who work in the kitchen, for the owners of small businesses, the people who built their businesses for years and years and have struggled to survive."

And one of the areas that New Yorkers miss the most, the arts, is also covered in this 100% reopening. “Many of our cultural events will be open again; the theaters will return, many of the things that we cherish and the people that we cherish every day, those artists and our performers. It means a chance to get back to doing what you're so good at and to make so many other New Yorkers happy. So this is going to be an amazing summer! "

But in addition, the Mayor said he was confident that by July 1, the Subway system would return to operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The municipal leader expressed his hope that Governor Andrew Cuomo will not interfere in achieving this goal of reopening, recognizing that both the federal government and the state have the right to intervene in the measures that the City advances to meet the goal of reopening.

“The federal government, the state government, always has something to say, but I say that as a leader in New York City, we are ready to come back and come back strong. All the indicators show it. We are focused on data and science. This is how we make all the decisions, that is what worked, and the data and science say out loud, it is time to go back ”, emphasized the Mayor.

Everything depends on the vaccination.

Ensuring that vaccination will be key to achieving that 100% reopening, De Blasio recalled that the City is doing everything possible to facilitate the immunization process for all New Yorkers. “We are doing a lot to reach people in their communities and elsewhere. And I love this part. For example, the American Museum of Natural History is providing free vaccinations under the blue whale."

“What we are seeing is that people have been vaccinated, an extraordinary number, 6.3 million vaccinations in New York City to date,” exclaimed the Mayor, adding that now “we have to keep getting vaccinated. That is the reason why I can make this announcement today".

Also, everything will reopen at 100% capacity: Restaurants and bars, shops, small businesses, beauty salons, barbershops, gyms, exercise studios, arenas, stadiums, theaters, concert venues, and museums.

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