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Hispanic threatened to stab an Asian, not knowing that it was NYPD police in NYC

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A man was arrested after he supposedly threatened to stab in his face an Asian ancestry man at Penn Station (NYC), not knowing that he was an undercover policeman, part of an NYPD strategy to stop the wave of attacks against that community.

Juvian Rodríguez was arrested yesterday around 1:20 p.m. Inside the station. The police said the detainee and the undercover officer were on an escalator near 7th Avenue and 32nd Street entering Penn Station.

There, Rodríguez supposedly told the officer "Return to China before finishing in the cemetery," and then threatened to stab him on his face.

After being arrested, he was charged with harassment as a crime of hatred, and aggravated by reasons of race or religion, threat, and possession of a controlled substance.

It was the second detention in just two weeks by the new team of concealed officers as part of the NYPD hatred crime workgroup, ABC News said.

What we can do to stop the wave of unjustified attacks against the Asian.

NYPD created a special working group in August to meet the increase of apparent hate crimes against Asians. The police reported that most of these incidents are classified as "motivated by Coronavirus", which means that the aggressor referred to the pandemic in some way during the attack.

In the midst of a wave of dozens of attacks against the Asian community so far this year in NYC and additional others around the country, in mid-March NYPD deployed officers from their critical response command (CRC) to Asian communities around the City, after reports of local attacks and shootings in massage salons in Atlanta who left eight dead.

I consider that more education and punish those who are committing these crimes is an important part to stop this wave of unjustified hatred.

There is no reason to hate a person by her race, so they deserve all the weight of the law.

Today more than ever, we should never support each other, we are going through an economic and health crisis, and only together we can overcome this pandemic.

What more proposed to avoid these attacks?

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