Is it Time to Give up Writing and Dedicate Yourself to Something else?

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5 questions to ask yourself before you give up

I decided that I’m going to stop writing”.

I read those words from a writing partner in one of the support groups that I am in. Many thoughts came to my head because of that decision. “How long have you worked for your dreams with no results?”, “How bad must you feel about your path as a writer?”.

I realized that we do not all have the same goals, and we do not all have the same desire to grow in the same way. Many people wake up every day thinking that today is their day to succeed, and others simply believe that luck will come to them at some point.

Many people start a career for the wrong reasons, and along the way, they realize that this is not really what they expected, so it disappoints them. However, many people also love what they do, but they do not feel that they are doing things correctly, so they feel that they must give up.

For this reason, before you give up, answer these 5 questions.

1. Am I giving up because I don’t see results?

This is the primary reason people give up. Many of them haven’t even worked hard enough to see results.

You’ve been writing for a year and you haven’t earned enough? Lots of people too, and they didn’t give up. They kept improving day by day and seeing how they could have results.

If you are going to stop doing what you like because you don’t see money, then you don’t really like it. Also, if you give up because someone rejects you, that’s mean you’re not totally sure that you’re good enough to keep trying. You know why?

J. K. Rowling had to overcome up to 12 rejections before seeing the first book of her famous saga Harry Potter published. And if this is not enough for you, 4 years ago she had two more rejections, even now that she is famous.

After posting their current rejection on Twitter, many famous authors also shared their current rejection experiences: Stephen King had 30 rejections, Pearl S. Buck almost all the editorials on New York, Margaret Mitchell 38 rejections, and the list continues.

Giving up because you don’t see results is not an excuse, it just means that you don’t want to keep trying.

Months ago before I was where I am now, month after month I said to my boyfriend “this will be my month”, only to realize that I did not achieve my goals. Do you know what I did the next month? I saw that I fail and try new things.

Keep learning and keep trying, until you succeed, because the next time will be the time you are going to see the results, and if not, read this again.

2. Am I quitting because I don’t have time?

People never have time. People make time for what they consider is a priority. When you say you don’t have time for something, what you are really saying is that there are other things that are more important than write.

If you want to give up writing for this excuse, think about the things you are currently doing. Will those things help you get to where you want to be in the future? Are you thrilled about doing those things?

When you ask yourself if writing is really important in your life, it helps you put a focus on the order of priority of things in your life, as opposed to simply using time as an excuse.

Many famous writers I know today have full-time jobs. Currently, I have a job, I exercise, I am taking a course and I make time for my family. I still always find time to write.

My advice if you have this question is to organize your time, put everything you have to do in a day on a calendar, look where you have free time, and check what you can stop doing in order to write.

If writing is really important in your life, you will find the time and the moment.

I have seen people on the bus reading a book they like; I know people who use their lunchtime to go to training and eat at their desk while working. Life is full of sacrifices to become someone you want to be in the future.

3. Am I quitting because I am not good enough to be someone famous?

Nobody is good at the beginning. I had no idea how to make an article that people would like 8 months ago, however, every day I get up and write something new.

The only way to be better in what you love is to get up every day and keep improving.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” Tim Notke.

There will be many people who were successful in their first month of working. Others have not yet achieved it 1 year later. But nobody is the same in this life, we all take steps in different ways, the important thing is to reach the goal.

You have two options when you see successful people succeeding in what you want to achieve:

  • Get angry because they achieved what you cannot do.
  • Or learn from them to become successful like them.

I went for the second option. I studied what they do and learn what are the best techniques to have the same numbers. You are going to realize that using your time to learn and improve is better than using it to hate someone else for doing what you cannot do for being focused on someone else’s life instead of your own.

4. Am I giving up because nobody likes me?

Many people abandon their dreams because no one believes in them. Maybe it’s an obvious piece of advice and you’ve been told it before, but the only one who should believe in you is yourself.

If you write things to please others and not because you are proud of yourself, then you will never be successful. You could have gained thousands of followers, but not the ones that really matter, like the peace and happiness of doing the things you like.

Nobody who has an opinion about what you should do is going to get up early to work on what they advise you. The only one who is going to try every day to earn money is you. So the one that should be totally sure of what to do in life is you.

If the right audience for what you like to write does not exist on the page where you are, then find another page. I assure you that if you like something around the world, there will be thousands of people who also like it.

Prove to people that even being different, you can win people around you who believe in what you do.

5. Is writing a passion for me?

Many people do something for the wrong reasons, only to find that it is something they want to do their whole lives. But others simply never learned to love what they do.

I started writing from a YouTube video of a girl who earned $ 10,000 in 1 single post. I’m sure many started doing it to get rich by writing just one thing as she did.

When I started writing, I realized that it was not as easy as she described it, but it was something that I enjoyed doing day by day. However, not seeing results can frustrate many people if writing is not their passion.

If you started writing because you thought you were going to become a millionaire overnight and right now you hate writing, this is the only reason I’m letting you stop writing.

Life is too short to do something you don’t like just for money.

If this is your case, look for something that you are really passionate about, and even if you make or not money, you will be happy doing it.

Final thoughts

When is the time to give up on writing? If you love what you do, the answer is never.

If you are bad, keep learning, people are not born knowing everything. If publishers reject you, look for another place to publish your work, a single site is not the only place to have exposure.

If you do not have time, make it, life is too short not to dedicate time to what we like by focusing on something that does not make us happy.

But if you don’t really enjoy writing, a withdrawal in time is better than a defeat. Study your specific case and make the right decision. Many times it is better to leave it with knowledge than to keep it without desire and bad.

But honestly, if it’s something you like and enjoy doing, don’t let money or views stop you from continuing your passion. There are many ways to grow, a single platform is not everything.

Keep learning how to be better every day on what you write, focus on being proud of what you do, and keep looking for the best place for you.

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