How to Use TikTok for your Business and Reach 800 Million Users

Desiree Peralta

TikTok is a social media platform where you can upload short videos and share them online. Right now, it has over 800 million monthly active users and every month is growing more and more.

While there are many young users on TikTok, this social media platform isn’t just for teens to post pranks or dancing videos. You might be surprised to learn that there are a ton of great TikTok videos about entrepreneurship and small businesses.

In fact, there are a lot of startups that have started on TikTok and are currently having incredible sales. The best part of using this platform is that you will not have to pay for promotion, the way that companies do it is only by uploading entertaining videos that impact the user and lead them to a call-to-action.

So if you have a business you should consider using this platform due to the great potential it has, in this article, I’m going to show you how other businesses record videos so that you get inspired and can do it with your company.

Packaging Orders Packing order — Screenshot video by Belexieshop

I want to start with this one because it is one of the most popular videos that attract the most attention from users. I think there is something satisfying about seeing how a business packs orders and your clients will love seeing what happens before they receive their package.

Also, showing how you pack their order will give users insight into what you sell and how you process that order, and reassure them that you are trustworthy.

Statistical impact

The video of the previous collage showing how she packages an order has 12.6 million views, more than 2.5 million likes, and 21.5k shares to other people around the world all her videos are from her showing her commodity and showing her business process.

Unboxing videos Unboxing video — Screenshot video by Teresalauracaruso

I think this is one of the coolest and most creative ideas anyone has ever had on TikTok. Teresa made an Amazon influencer page, and her TikTok page is dedicated to her showing all the items that she is buying and what they are for.

She had her affiliate link on her profile and if you are interested in something, you just have to search the picture on her Amazon page.

She doesn’t have a large inventory and she doesn’t have to endure the packing process, Amazon is the one who does that part. She only uses her money to invest in new articles to show in her videos.

Although selling Amazon items has a lower percentage than having your own business and website, it is a good option for those who want to dedicate themselves only to product marketing.

Statistical impact

Teresa has 1.8M Followers, all her promotion videos have between 100k to over 1 million views, she has a total of 44.4M likes. She posts videos every day showing between 4 and 5 articles.

Tell the story of your business Bussiness story — Video screenshot by Livinleann

Share the story behind the inspiration or what happened when you first started your small business. This helps users feel a connection to you and know that more than a business, it is a personal growth of someone who works hard.

It can be how you got the idea, how you started and grew, or all the difficulties you have had to launch your own brand.

Statistical impact

This video from Livinleann telling her story has more than 13 million views, 2.6 million likes, 14.7k comments, and 21.5k shares. Most of her videos are her showing how she made the jewelry and new ideas.

Showing houses House tour — Realstatebest screenshot video

Personally, I love to watch videos of empty or newly furnished houses, I can spend hours watching them. What better way to show houses online than by also selling them?

Killian Grondin sells houses. All his videos on Tiktok are house tours from the houses he sells. He makes short videos showing the main attractions of a house and has his contact information on his profile.

Statistical impact

He has 56.2K Followers, a total of 670.8K Likes, and his videos range between 8000 and 50,000 views. All his TikTok videos are showing luxury houses.

How to create a business account on TikTok

I’ve already shown you 5 different ways you can promote your business on this powerful social network. Now I will show you how you can start to do it.

First, if you already have a business, you just have to find the most entertaining way to promote it to attract followers. For example, if it’s a restaurant, show the process of decorating a dish, if it’s a boutique, show all the clothes you sell.

If you are going to launch a boutique, a technology center, or even a park, take a tour of the area where you include where it is located and what it is dedicated to, also what you can do there. The most important thing in these videos is to show what exactly the company you are going to launch does.

Use the most common hashtag of the business you are going to launch, in this way the Tiktok algorithm can categorize your video to send it to the right people. The hashtags on this social network are very important.

Use the sounds that are in fashion there, if a video has a popular sound, there will be a better chance that it will appear to more people on the home page.

Finally, put your detailed contact information on your profile. In this way, if someone is interested in your services, they only have to go to your profile.

Final thoughts

Tiktok is a very powerful social network. I consider it to be one of the most important and influential of this 2020. If you want to be popular there, it is very easy to grow there if you have good content, because the same algorithm helps you to be known by the right people.

For a business, having the impact and being able to reach more than 800 million users with a single video is an opportunity to make yourself known around the world.

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