Why I Refuse to Wear Makeup at Another Social Event

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The other day a friend had a birthday party, with all the Corona situation and wearing masks, I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup. If you have tried it before, you will realize that it really is more of a hindrance than a good thing. Your mask gets dirty and in the end, nobody sees it.

When I came down the stairs, my mother said: “you look very pretty, but you need to put on makeup, you are going to a party.”

Why should I wear makeup if I look good?

My mother is not the only one who thinks like this. Around the world, there is a concept that if you go to a social event, women should wear makeup. If they don’t, it is a sign of carelessness and lack of femininity.

And don’t get me wrong, I love to use makeup and see the art of other women. I consider that It is something artistic. There are women who can do wonderful things to faces.

However, I feel like the makeup is being misused. I think that using it should be a sign of change, of showing the world your creative side, of being able to express yourself through it, and not just “because you have to for a social event.”

It is surprising how even on this date if the artists present themselves to the public without using makeup, it is a sign of strength and self-esteem when it should be the other way around.

An example of this was Alicia Keys, who stopped using makeup because of a photo session she had to do after training. She said she “felt powerful” showing the world her natural beauty.


All women should feel this way. Makeup should be a way to express our creativity, not to hide our insecurities and our imperfections.

All our marks are what make us unique and special. Every pimple, scar, and dark circles are what makes us strong, because they are signs of struggle, that we are alive, and that being imperfect we can change the world.

Why I’m going to stop using makeup everyday

I am a powerful woman, I am smart, I am funny. I have a lot to offer, not just a cute face. When I go to a place, I don’t want the first thing they think is that I’m pretty. I want people to see me as interesting, happy, complete, confident, and a person they want to know.

I want to be able to wear makeup when I feel creative, when I want to combine my lips with a dress, and when I want to look different. Not just because I have to.

Because life is too short to be thinking about insecurities that a product can cover. People will love you with all the imperfections, but also with everything you want to wear.

Makeup is a passion, not a rule.

I love wearing it, but when I want it. I’m not wearing makeup to a social event, because I don’t need it. I need to be happy. I need to be healthy. I need to be me.

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