Why Buying Followers Is Marketing Suicide for Your Brand

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One of the biggest temptations we could have when we want to grow our brand on social networks is to buy followers. It is normal that we all want to have many followers, especially if they are corporate, but if they are not real, the effect you will have will be the opposite.

Today it is more than proven that quality is always worthier than quantity when it comes to building and managing a community. The ideal is a scenario in which a balance is maintained between the growth in the number of followers and their rate of interaction with your publications.

If the only thing that mattered in social media were the numbers, being successful would be as easy as increasing the volume of followers. But nothing is further from reality: buying followers is never a good idea. Fans obtained through a payment will hardly have interaction with your profiles, and could even cause you a penalty since many of them are often fake profiles.

Why real followers matter in social media

When you buy followers, they don't interact with your content because they don’t care or are fake accounts, they are only there to represent numbers. Then you will have an account with many followers, but none will care about your content. So what is the point?

You would probably tell me that some people get attracted to accounts that have many followers, but I don’t think is like that, let me explain to you why: Imagine that you see an account with many followers and when you see the first publication it doesn’t even have 20 likes, the first thing you would think is that its content is a scam or not worth it. An account with many followers but not many likes or comments lose credibility.

I once followed back a girl “influencer” from the fitness world because she had 10,000 followers and since her profile was private, I felt that if she followed I should give her an opportunity. After a few days of watching her content, I had to stop following her, her content was bad, she only had a few likes and everything she posted was not helpful.

There I understood that if you want people to follow you, you must make them want to follow you for what you transmit and your content, not for representing a number.

Understanding the social network's algorithm

When you upload a publication and get less than 100 likes and you have more than 20,000 followers, applications like Instagram use an algorithm that will process that information as the content you are sharing is not relevant to users, so it will “punish” you with less visibility.

On the other hand, if the content is well received during the first minutes of its publication by a considerable percentage of your followers, the platform will promote it even more and it will appear first in the feed of your followers. That’s the importance of building followers who really care about your brand.

Another example I can give you is the Facebook algorithm, they stop showing you content on the wall if this post doesn’t acquire good interaction, this is because its algorithm is focused on showing you what they think you care about.

So no, having a large number of followers will not help you grow unless they are real. The reason why people with many followers keep getting more faster is because of the number of interactions they have in their posts. For example, if you only have 500 followers, but of those 500, 400 give you likes, you will grow faster than a person with 5000 followers who only have 30 likes.

Advantages of having real followers

You will have more reach

Real followers that love your content or like your brand will like, comment, and repost. This will help you reach more people. Most social networks have a section where you can see the content that may interest you due to the number of likes and interactions they had with other people. And this happens when your posts and people are authentic.

You generate potential clients

Whatever the objective of your brand, having a considerable number of followers who are passionate about specific content that you publish, can help you to market.

Fake followers are not going to give you a reputation or opportunities to start monetizing your business. Because they are only a number that represents a quantity.

Real followers give you the opportunity to meet more people and create networking.

You can get affiliate brands

Contrary to what people think, brands are now looking at your power to influence more than your number of followers. So if you want a brand to sponsor you, right now it is not only worth showing your profile, but also your analytics.

Having many likes and comments, instead of just a lot of followers, helps brands more to understand your impact on people and your power of conviction. There are people with 2000 followers who are sponsored by big brands, like Fashion Nova or Shein, just because it has the power to make other people buy their products.

People will share your content

When you have more people who like your content, you have more potential to be shared by them. The more people you have who really enjoy your content, the more people you will have who want to share the information and gain more followers.

I know stores that became famous for their good service, not because they actually have an ad agency. This happens because when a client likes something you produce, they recommend you to their friends.

Final thoughts

My personal advice is not to focus on gaining a following to meet a goal. Focus on uploading quality content that people are willing to see and make them follow you for who you are. You will realize that it does not matter in which area of life you are using followers, quality matters more than quantity.

Although it is not as easy as giving a few dollars and generating a number of followers, there are many ways to increase them. But a great effort for a better result is worth more than a few dollars for a false result.

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