5 Things you Should Stop Doing in the Morning

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What do you do when the alarm sounds? Do you jump out of bed immediately or do you just hit the “snooze” button, one, two, five times? Do you check social media? A little TV maybe?

What we do when we wake up prepares us for the day. In the end, it’s easy to be irritable after getting up on the wrong side of the bed, right? Waking up and be productive every morning always on our list of good resolutions. However, mornings are often more full of bad than good habits.

Many of us focus on the things we should do when we wake up. However, here are 5 things you should not do or should stop doing to have a better day.

Click the Snooze Button

The alarm clock sounds, and instead of getting up immediately, you activate the “snooze” button and stay in bed for nine more minutes?

According to studies, this is the worst thing you can do for your brain, as it begins its sleep cycle again. When you wake up after postponing your alarm, several minutes later, you are going to feel even more tired than when you did it the first time.

When someone needs to wake up using multiple alarms, there is often a lack of sleep behind that. Nobody finds it difficult to wake up if they sleep 8 hours in a row every day. It only happens to those who sleep less than the necessary hours.

The sleep we get between awakenings is not at all restorative. The more sleep is broken, the worse the quality of rest. Therefore, the only advice is that we should sleep in the necessary hours.

But the most important thing is perhaps that the night before you set an intention to get up at a certain time in the morning and by activating the “snooze” button you are already failing in your first task of the day.

For that reason, instead of thinking to snooze your alarm, try to sleep early, so you will be more active in the morning.


The way you talk to yourself affects your mind and motivation level. Complaining can become a habit, causing us to do it without realizing it.

Complaining also affects not only our brain but also our physical state, as we begin to secrete cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. When you are negative, it is released.

Elevated cortisol levels are associated with interfering with learning and memory, decreased immune function, weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease… the list goes on and on.

How you condition your mind is going to have a huge impact on your long term result. If you only think negative, and everything that surrounds you is complaints and problems, then your mind will be conditioned to that state.

Do not entertain negativity in the morning, rather cultivate and sharpen an optimistic view instead of complaining and worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create, be mindful, be grateful, be positive.

Not having a good breakfast

Food provides us with energy, nutrients, and water, all essential for life. Why should we have breakfast? Because after 10 to 12 hours without any food, we need energy and nutrients to carry out our daily activities. The lack of this causes fatigue and loss of energy.

If you do not eat an excellent breakfast, it is very difficult for you to meet your daily nutritional needs later. If we do not eat breakfast, the lack of glucose can cause decay, lack of concentration, bad mood, lack of energy, decrease in performance, especially in growing age, eating a poor quality diet, and headaches.

Benefits of having an excellent breakfast:

  • Improves physical and school performance.
  • Helps maintain normal body weight.
  • Improves concentration and behavior.
  • Increases performance and productivity at work.
  • It allows you to maintain good growth and development.
  • Contribute to maintaining your health and well-being.

Make sure you eat something that will nourish your body for the rest of the day because without health you have nothing. Your body is a preservative, if you put garbage in, you will feel like garbage.

You have to make sure you eat something that will nourish your body for the rest of the day because without health you have nothing. Your body is a preservative, if you put garbage in, you will feel like garbage.

Not planning your day

The best way to achieve success in whatever we decide to do is proper planning. When you plan, prepare, and prioritize, it enables you to perform better instead of making decisions without proper analysis, evaluation, and assessment.

When you make impromptu decisions in the morning, you are working in a disoriented position. You are forcing your body to process signals in a few seconds that can induce mental and physical stress.

When you do improvised things, you don’t have enough time to think about the action that equates to poor results. I plan and schedule my day the night before.

To make your mornings peaceful and productive, you need to incorporate a proper morning routine into your daily life and focus on it so it becomes a habit.

Watch television or check your social networks

I think everybody is guilty of one of those bad habits. Although many people think that checking the networks watching television is a way to give your brain information so it can wake up and activate, the truth is that it negatively affects our performance the rest of the day.

The news is full of recent events that are mostly negative. This will raise your levels of cortisol and influence your mood. Stay calm, relax, and rest for as long as possible before the day begins and avoid any unnecessary distractions that will prevent you from having a great day.

Try to put off checking social media. Not only will you be able to manage your time better, but you will give your brain time to recover from sleep.

According to recent studies, the constant experience in social media is comparable to an addiction, where you enjoy the benefits of immediate gratification, but ignore the negative long-term consequences.

Also, try to only follow people who add value and make you feel good about yourself. Stop following anyone who doesn’t. Check your Instagram and Facebook and ask yourself: “Does this person make me feel good about myself?” If the answer is no, stop them from following immediately.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s Monday or Friday, starting the day off on the right foot can be meaningful for the rest of the day. This could mean getting enough sleep, preparing a healthy breakfast, doing something for your mental well-being, or making a to-do list.

Mornings don’t have to be harsh. Focusing on forming new habits when we wake up can prepare us and increase our productivity throughout the day. If you find it daunting to change your routine completely, try introducing a new practice per week and you will see how you notice a difference.

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