2 Abilities Used By Geniuses To Generate Inventions

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Nikola Tesla / Albert Einstein / Steve Jobs

Since the turn of the Millenium, we’ve been characterizing and defining genius individuals to discover how their precious minds work. During the times of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Nikola Tesla, people used to commonly say that innovative and genius individuals like them are gifted ones. Well, it depends on how one defines the word gifted.

Generally, we collectively suspect that imagination is a strange thing, which can be controlled by just a couple of lucky ones. In various parts of the world, innovativeness and visionary ability are being connected with God’s blessing. This sparks the question of if God truly exists.

in what capacity can the divine justice favor only a couple of selected individuals? Hence, I chose to investigate it and translate it for me and for everybody to help people just like you and me to aim to the possibility of one day becoming like them.

In the wake of contemplating the lives of numerous creators and prodigies like Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Elon Musk, here’s what can I say: No, they don’t have extraordinary abilities nor they are gifted at all. In fact, they are all just like us. They focus on the only abilities that matter the most!

And based on research and study, here are the two common skills or abilities that the considered geniuses, inventors, and visionaries own.

1. Intense Imagination

Imagination is the act of visualizing things that don’t exist yet. An ability to see beyond the future and the facts. Knowledge and facts about present things can turn you a good lawyer or a journalist, but it cannot turn you into a genius inventor. Before many great inventions, people have thought this is impossible according to the currently available facts.

However, inventors like Einstein never let the facts limit the power of their imagination. Here is a simple trick, that I find very interesting. Creative geniuses let their imagination run wild by imagining things using the fullest capacity of their brain. Once they are done with their imagination, they then bring logic and science to transform the result of their imagination.

Every great invention starts with a simple act of imagination. In a way, imagination breeds science. After imagination, one needs to think about how you can achieve what you have just visualized or imagined with the help of modern facts, knowledge, and science. The result of these steps yields innovation and invention if executed properly.

Example: — Nikola Tesla

Famous legendary inventor Nikola Tesla — The man who is the reason we get electricity in our homes. Tesla introduced the alternating current by building an induction motor. He read hundreds of books on electricity while imagining all the theories and you know what before inventing that motor, he was literally able to visualize how that motor would work, with his imagination alone.

So, is the power of imagination and that is how geniuses use it to wield innovations.

We imagine so many things but most of the time we don’t take them seriously or we don’t act on them. These geniuses, however, treat each and every thought very seriously. In fact, they spend most of their time analyzing their thoughts. The first step to a genius like capability is the act and process of imagining things. Now, Imagination is one thing, but what comes next is more important. Hard work and Practice.

2. Tremendous Hard Work and Constant Practice

They say it’s all about the IQ level, however, that is not entirely true. Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t always the smartest in his class, but he works the hardest of them all. The great Henry Ford failed in business several times before he founded Ford. Thomas Edison was once told by his teachers that he was too stupid to understand and learn. Not even most of us in our generation is being called like that in school.

So, how do you explain these things? These people had an average IQ level. Well, It’s a lot simpler than you think, most of the genius inventors we have known today just work the hardest and they tend to work up to the point of exhaustion. A big example of this is Elon Musk.

Example: — Elon Musk

The billionaire founder and CEO of companies Tesla and SpaceX has experienced a year that sometimes drove him to sleep on his factory’s floor and work more than 120 hours a week. Only a super motivated and driven person like Musk gets to that point! Musk says he has since pulled back to a more “sustainable” 80 to 90 hours a week. This is due to the long term bad effects on his health.

Musk has also acknowledged that his team also has put in long hours this year, sometimes up to staggering 100 hours a week. “There wasn’t any other way to do this,” he said in an interview with Recode this year, explaining the challenges and roadblocks electric car companies, especially one like Tesla, face to stay successful and innovative.

Musk also said that there were times where he would just sort of sleep for a few hours, work, sleep for a few hours, work. For seven days a week.


Now you know that most creative innovators and genius visionaries are not different than us. We can certainly and eventually know where to start to become like Tesla, Jobs, Einstein, Da Vinci, and Musk. If we put more hours of effort and work into first, imagination and then, hard work, our potential will be limitless.

A book written by Malcolm Gladwell mentioned the concept of the Ten Thousand Hour Rule and according to this rule, you can learn or master anything you want if you spend learning or practicing that skill for at least ten thousand hours. It means if you spend 8 hours per day, practicing your art or your skill or anything that you want to learn.

It would take you about 4 years to be an expert at your subject. This is an aspect that all the successful people of the 21st century have in common.

Starting today, know that if you want to become a figure of ingenuity and vision in your field, then you need to put on more effort and work on only these two things. The more hours you put into them, the closer you are from your goals and your dream life.

Hope you had fun reading this story! Let me know if you have any questions regarding this story. I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. See you.

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