What The COVID-19 Pandemic Taught Me About Investing

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I am the world’s most financially dependent person. I don’t consider myself a financial expert. I am just like any other nice guy you know. I am not rich by any extent of the imagination. In fact, I can safely say this phrase will never be used to describe me. Even the thought of investing in the stock market makes me want to go back and watch my favorite Netflix show.

Until I decided to make a change. So, how in the hell did I get to the point where I decided to start investing money? What supported my decision?

The only way to financial freedom

We are often taught in our society to go to college, get a degree, and find a job. That’s pretty conventional and tasteless. Have you ever wondered where that path takes you? What benefits give you? Is there another path you can take? Is there a better path you can take? What can you do more with less?

We never bothered asking those questions, that’s why we mostly end up with the same boring results.

In life, we are wired to overreach, either to get more girls or boys or make more money than we do, but without actually knowing how we can make that happen. The go-to decision is to work for someone, get a monthly salary, wait for a couple of months or years, ask for a raise, request for a promotion, and WOAH, you are rich.

That’s complete bullshit. We aren’t taught the right ways to achieve financial freedom. Why is this?

Based on the study made to billionaires, all of them had multiple sources of income which includes mostly investments. Whether it’s stocks, rental properties, or businesses. It’s where the average gets rich and the rich get richer. The freedom of doing anything you want, without having to worry about money, ever.

Stop YOLO and think for your future family

Mostly, we think only about surviving the now and barely even think of how we will in 20 years or so. What happens when you lose your job? When you have emergency expenses? Or how will you pay for your future kid’s education?

Everything that is happening right now is temporary. You should start making plans and alternatives to generate a new source of income. so that your future self will be thankful. Investing can be anything from reading books, networking with people, getting in shape, meditating, learning a new skill, and/or investing in company stocks. Work hard and act smart now and live life like a king in the future.

With the Coronavirus events, we have seen a big decline in jobs and people losing their means of making money. A lot of people have gone broke because they have no savings or extra funds. This became a wake-up call not only for me but also for the whole world. Next time a global disaster happens, you should be ready.

It’d be a fool not getting into the game

You probably heard someone say, “I don’t know finance” or “I didn’t study finance in school” or even worse “I don’t have enough money”.

Well, let me tell you, that is a broke mentality. If you think simply enough for your future, you will do what it takes to make everything happen.

For the record, it doesn’t take a finance expert to get into investing. It’s a big misconception and it’s a big reason why most people stay broke and never actually get to experience financial freedom.

Also, even if you don’t know finance, there’s no excuse for studying and practicing it because the internet makes everything accessible now at the touch of your finger. I am glad to say that I now have several peers in my social circle that has started investing. So, hustle now!

Salary is one step away from a broke lifestyle

Having a salary is being one step away from being broke like I highlighted in the first paragraph. If you only have a 9–5 job, you are like a slave of society. A typical sheep. You only work for the money. What you should do instead, is to make money work for you. Imagine sleeping, but still generating money. How cool is that?

Money itself doesn’t give you happiness, but it is a means for your happiness. You are just any other human who thinks of money as power and influence, but that’s totally fine. You can’t change the unchangeable. And unless your 9–5 job is about your passion and purpose that gives happiness and a large amount of salary, you should consider investing.

Another economic crash, a recession

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the world economy has taken a downturn. That means, most businesses decrease in value because they lose customers, investors, partners, and key people. But most importantly, because their methods of making a profit have become stagnant.

Not every company experiences a downturn, but if the general economy is down, everything goes down.

Economic crash means there’s blood on the streets and it signifies that there is little to no risk in putting your money out there. There will be a sure ROI or return on investment if you wait for the right time. Let’s say, for example, you decide to put $5000 on Snap right now, valued at approximately $16 per stock, and wait for 2 to 3 months, where it goes up to $32 per stock.

That yields a $5000 profit already and a 200% ROI. How simple is that?

So, after you read this story, I hope it encouraged you to take a leap forward by taking the necessary steps to start investing your money in the market. Patience is definitely fundamental in the game. A crash is temporary, so definitely in the near future, ranging from few months or a few years, the economy will regain back to normal.

That means, if you start investing in companies that are low in value at the moment and wait until the economy goes back to normal, you will definitely then profit from it.

In hindsight, my head was telling me I should be doing more investment research, I can admittedly say I didn’t. My pure instinctive reaction was to start taking action. Yes, that’s right. In the finance world, taking action is more valuable than studying.

You will learn anyway if you fail and that’s the best way to learn a lesson and gain experience. If you are one of the receivers of Trump’s stimulus package, maybe you can use the money to start! It will easily be the smartest decision you can make now.

When we give in to the present moment and confront all it has to offer us, we can find peace in the simplicity of being in the now. Regardless of where your peace comes from, playing videogames, meditation, or workout, it is really totally up to you and within your control.

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