4 Startups That Will Dominate The 2020s

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Certainly being one of the most startup-obsessed people on this planet that started nearly 5 years ago when I first watched the movie “The Social Network” on my PC and just after that, I immediately developed an interest in entrepreneurship. I started educating myself in all sorts of different ways in the world of technology and startup. In fact, I can definitely state that I have cemented foundational wisdom inside me about the field.

My passion for it dramatically changed the way I view the world and as a matter of fact, I’m building my own tech startup now and I’m one of the happiest human beings in the universe. I decided to model my startup based on the qualities and aspects I researched and studied from the companies that climbed their way to success in the 2000s and 2010s. With these qualities and I can definitely say 99.9% that the following companies will draw the same massive success.

Here are the 4 startups that are guaranteed to flourish in the new decade:

Snapchat — Social Networking

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Started as a college design project at Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, founder and CEO, has made his way to transform Snapchat into a sensational success, especially for the younger generation. Its platform is known for the disappearing photos and messages along with the revolutionary stories feature that made Facebook and Instagram copy it.

Snapchat’s brilliant plans for the future revolved around Targeted Ads, Spectacles, and Fashion retail. We wouldn’t be surprised about Snap’s fashion initiatives, as Evan Spiegel has widely known sense of style and being Italy as his favorite destination because of fashion and art culture. The company have seen an 30% increased surge of users the past year and is capitalizing its Discover feature, where brands and publishers come into play.

TikTok — Entertainment

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Previously known as Musical.ly, now owned by a Chinese corporate giant, the infamously known short-video sharing platform has seen exponential growth since the Coronavirus outbreak. It has seen an increase of 40% in its new users, imagine number! That is comparable to Facebook’s growth back in 2003. Just several months ago, almost everybody showed hatred towards it, making fun of it and describing it as a weirdly naive way of showing off yourself. Right now, TikTok has become a big buzzword around social media and the real-world, and in the near future, it can make its way to the English dictionary following Google’s footsteps.

Despite the warnings given by famous people that TikTok is being used by the Chinese government to spy on American citizens. This hasn’t affected even a bit the public’s perception towards the platform. It seems the younger generation, which is a big percentage of TikTok’s users, doesn’t really care a lot about their privacy and security on the web. Why should you? Only the paranoid and naive people act like they are being spied on 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. I’m pretty sure they give much a damn about what you do all day, all they probably need is your data.

TikTok has yet to show its true potential. For the moment, what we know for sure is that it will grow even bigger. You can get 20k people to view your video quickly without putting much effort. It’s only possible on TikTok! People are stoked to see how it will evolve in the following years. Celebrities have started publishing and business have started advertising as well. It’s where the people are, so it’s where you should take action.

Lyft — Transportation

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We all know Lyft as a cheaper alternative for Uber, but other than that, what I believe will make Lyft more successful than Uber in just a few years or so is the brand. Lyft has a do-good and respect-drivers image in comparison to Uber. I don’t think I need to explain why and what, it’s common knowledge. People perceive Lyft in a vastly different way despite having the same exact service. Lyft has a reputation of being the people’s choice because they charge a little less than Uber.

Regardless of whether the company has seen a decrease in riders and drivers during the Coronavirus outbreak, the true value will come when all of this is said and done. The public will be inclined to choose rideshare than a bus and train, especially the ones in metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It will be bad for bus and train companies, customers will decrease and they will probably have to pivot in order to survive. The world is changing, really, this is not your typical movie speech, it is really happening that it’s affecting people’s behaviors and perception towards our world.

Lyft has recently laid off 17% of their employees and Uber laid off 20%, due to Coronavirus, but that’s expected it is a small price to pay for salvation. Once the market goes back to the normal cycle, Lyft is projected to capture more market share in the next two years as Uber also, is rumored to be putting more resources into food delivery, which makes sense because it’s where they get more profits. Lyft also has tapped into the bike-sharing market which gives a competitive edge against competitors and it is planning into expanding to Europe in the next few years.

Robinhood — Finance

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Robinhood has democratized the investment in stocks, options, crypto, and ETFs. I am proud to be one of their investors and I love it. It entirely takes away the complexity of the perception towards investing and turned it into a platform where it’s as easy as liking a post on Facebook or a picture on Instagram. The company believes that investing doesn’t have to be complicated, so they made the whole experience simple.

The company has seen a 20% increased in new users since the Coronavirus started and the growth is still in the verge. The increase was likely because investing has become an everyday topic during the quarantine and that the main reason why most people are struggling right now is that they don’t have savings nor any investments. People definitely felt a wake-up call on this.

Robinhood will continuously make its way to stardom and will be known as one of the best of the best in FinTech. The Facebook of investing, as they call it, is envisioned to change the way we think and do invest. If you are not yet part of the game, now may be a perfect time. You definitely don’t need a $5000 capital! Robinhood has this reputation where their new investors can start with even $100. The earlier you get into the game, the better!


Although these companies are yet to profit, the true net worth valuation lies in the future. Just look how Amazon just started profiting only nearly 10 years ago. Investors don’t want a little ROI every day for 10 years, but would rather wait for a huge one, one day in the future, all at once coming down directly to their pockets. How investors choose which to invest is greatly factored into the company’s ability to produce value in long term and these companies are guaranteed to do so.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think and get in touch with me if you have any comments or any feedback about what’s covered in this story. All views are my own and don’t reflect any views held by other figures of authority.

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