You Want To Find True Happiness In Your Life And Career? Try Freelancing.

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In a 2019 article by TINT, a content creation platform, it was said that,

When it comes to the future of work, freelancers will be. The advent of technology has made it possible for more people to create their lives around their work. … Self-employment allows workers to meet three needs: the need for freedom about where the work is and how it is done.

At the dawn of civilization, people worked alone (hunters and gatherers). Then people started working for their family (family shops), then for other people (projects and startups), and now for other companies or organizations (Apple and Facebook). We are entering a new generation where people will return to work for themselves.

In a way, we are returning to the days when we were hunters and gatherers, but this time we have all the tools and technology at our disposal that make our ability to generate wealth unlimited.

In fact, you can see it now. Web platforms like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to achieve this lifestyle. There are more freelancers today than there were ten years ago and we are only on the verge of their final shape.

Naval Ravikant, the Angel investor and founder of AngelList and other companies once said to Joe Rogan in the JRE podcast,

At the end of the day, we’re all founders. We’re all meant to work for ourselves. We’re not meant to go to nine to five jobs and be told what to do over and over.

He also mentioned how the information age reversed the workings of civilization. From working for ourselves to working for other people and companies, and now back to working for ourselves.

Perhaps, another exact example of history repeating itself.

Primary Benefits Of Freelancing

Freelance work offers flexibility for companies that need to rapidly expand their workforce to cope with unforeseen challenges and freedom for workers who want flexible and remote work arrangements.

Embracing this emerging paradigm shift positions all parties for success in the future of work, regardless of where and when it happens.

Freelancing is no longer just a strange job that people do, in fact, it's getting so serious that forecasts say that the self-employed will employ 50% of the workforce by 2027. You may have thought about working alone. Might as well do it as a "side hustle" right now.

But he hasn't made the golden leap yet, where his income is largely made up of his creative talent. You can consider freelance work as a serious investment. Perhaps even a complete professional investment. Look, the world is changing. To get an idea of ​​how much has changed, the self-employed took home an estimated total of $ 1 trillion in annual earnings in 2016.

Needless to say, if you didn't keep up, you missed a big chunk of that trillion-dollar pie! And if you don't get on the wagon early, it may be too late.

How Freelancing Can Give You Happier Life

The self-employed are building the bridge to a better quality of life, and more and more people are seeing this. Unlike before, work and life have the opportunity to combine them into two separate lifestyles, self-employment.

1. Passion projects

Freelancers likely love to perform their services, which is directly related to their performance.

When you are self-employed, it allows you to focus on the clients or jobs that matter most to you.

As a person who works for various communication consulting firms and advertising agencies, I can say from personal experience that it can be emotionally stressful to represent a client who is against their lifestyle or values.

2. More time for your family

Workers had to choose for a long time whether to spend time with their family or at work.

However, with increasingly remote job opportunities and flexible work schedules, workers can be actively present with their children in a way that they might not otherwise be able to if they had a commute and an office to work.

3. Better emotional well-being

When employees are happy, they are more motivated and more efficient. A staggering 91% of telecommuters reported an increase in their productivity.

Additionally, several studies have suggested that allowing employees to work from home can lead to a significant reduction in turnover, providing even more financial incentives for companies to hire freelancers.

4. Unlimited earning potential

The money you earn is capped at 9 to 5, which means you have a complete picture of what you are earning each month, and will most likely stay that way in the medium and long term.

You can set your own price by working as a freelancer, which means that the amount of your earnings is unlimited. The attractive cash and the new generation can get it more efficiently.

If there are no limits to making money, then it makes sense for this generation of workaholics to make freelance work their favorite career.

Honorable mention: Freelancing Is Anti-AI

AI won't ever replace the one thing that brings us all together: human connection.

Inc. Magazine also says,

“There is a caveat to this. For example, AI could probably replace my skill as a writer. However, it can’t replace my brain and expertise for consulting. It also can’t build influence like I have.”

Although artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence poses a threat to people to compensate for their inevitable shortcomings and efficiency in the workplace.

Artificial intelligence cannot replicate each person's unique creative abilities. He wants to be creative, so he can not replace robots.


Self-employment and freelancing are becoming the norm in technology, the lifestyle of the millennial culture, and the creation-driven workforce.

We will see a day in the future when our world will be run by autonomous people who live and work where they want with their MacBook or iPad.

This is why it is relatively important to use social media profiles to create and shape your own personal brand. In this way, you can begin to create a life worthy of being created and live free from all constraints and limits of the norms of society.

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